Anindilyakwa Land Council - Contract Research

Lobster Aquaculture Groote Eylandt Phase 2A - Nursery

Indicative funding: $48,974 over 2 years administered by James Cook University

This project is part of a research and development program to establish tropical rock lobster aquaculture at Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. The project complements Phase 1 (lobster seed assessment, on-going) and will support development of nursing of seed lobsters. The project will include components of both research and development, examining and trialling various technologies in the sea and on land to nurture small lobsters from the puerulus stage to a size of up to 100g. The project includes aspects of aquaculture technology development, training, extension, social science, economics and marketing. The project will provide the Anindilyakwa Land Council with the means and confidence to establish commercial lobster nursery operations. The project represents the first part (Part A) of nursery development and there is an expectation of a follow-on project (Part B) to continue the nursery development through 2022.

Chief Investigator: Clive Jones (College of Science & Engineering)

Department of the Environment and Energy - Director of National Parks - Tender

Coral reef research and monitoring in the Coral Sea Marine Park (CSMP)

Indicative funding: $354,897 over 5 years administered by James Cook University

The Coral Sea Marine Park (CSMP) covers approximately 990,000 km2 and includes over 30 individual reef systems that are surrounded by deep waters. In March 2020 extensive bleaching of corals was recorded across shallow reef habitats within the CSMP. This project will use surveys of benthic, fish and invertebrate communities to assess the ongoing effects of the 2020 bleaching event on coral reefs within the CSMP

Chief Investigators: Andrew Hoey, Morgan Pratchett and Eva McClure (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies)

International Union for the Conservation of Nature - Contract Research

IUCN Situation Analysis – Asian Coastal Wetlands

Indicative funding: $6,800 over 2 years administered by James Cook University

The Yellow Sea ecosystem of intertidal wetlands, associated habitats and the biodiversity that depends on them, encompassed by People’s Republic of China (PRC), the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (RoK), is among the ecological wonders of the world. It represents the largest area of intertidal flats on the planet. In 2012, the IUCN Species Survival Commission commissioned an independent report “The IUCN situation analysis on East and Southeast Asian intertidal habitats” that I co-authored. The report was highly influential and led to improved conservation and world heritage listing of tidal flats in the region. Given the impact of the first report, IUCN now wishes the original consultancy team to conduct an update. Therefore, this project is a short contribution to a desktop review and interviews with relevant site managers, government officials, academics, NGO representatives, and other relevant stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of wetlands in the Yellow Sea region. As one of three authors, I will lead the technical analysis of the report.

Chief Investigator: Nicholas Murray (College of Science & Engineering)


Lifestyle Logic Pty Ltd - Contract Research

Gecko Repeller Spray Test.

Indicative funding: $4,745 administered by James Cook University

Following from previous work testing a proposed gecko repellent on introduced, feral geckos, we will now test it on native geckos.

Chief Investigator: Lin Schwarzkopf (College of Science & Engineering)

Lipotek Pty Ltd - Contract Research

TB vaccination-challenge study.

Indicative funding: $47,579 over 2 years administered by James Cook University

This project will test the efficacy of new tuberculosis vaccine formulations developed by Lipotek Pty Ltd in a small animal model of tuberculosis at JCU.

Chief Investigator: Andreas Kupz with the help of Miranda Hernandez Socorro (Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine)

Minotaur Exploration Ltd - Contract Research

Cu isotope characterization of waters in the Mt Windsor Sub-Province, NE QLD

Indicative funding: $86,500 administered by James Cook University

Minotaur Operations has received funding through the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) for copper isotope characterisation of groundwater sampled from active bores in the immediate vicinity of its Windsor Project in NE Queensland. The Mount Windsor Subprovince terrane covers significant Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) deposits and prospects, and VMS deposits in the district all contain New Economy Minerals including Cd, Cu, Au, In, Ag, and Zn. Building on existing JCU research findings, this collaborative project will characterize up to 50 water bores for major/trace elements and Cu isotopes, towards determining elemental/isotopic anomalies which may indicate mineralization and therefore aide Minotaur’s exploration program.

Chief Investigators: Brandon Mahan and Ioan Sanislav with the help of Ryan Mathur (College of Science & Engineering)

Noranda Pacific Pty Ltd - Contract Research

Lady Loretta Compliance Framework Review

Indicative funding: $45,470 administered by James Cook University

Desktop review and assessment of compliance surface water and stream sediment data to provide recommendations for an updated and/ or alternative compliance framework for Lady Loretta mine. This will include review of all existing data and assessment of potential cause/s of exceedances in existing program. Recommendations for an updated limnological monitoring program to be included in the site REMP will be developed.

Chief Investigator: Shelley Templeman with the help of Christopher Williams, Cassandra James and Mellissa Elliman (TropWATER)

Rotary Australia - Rotarians Against Malaria

Investigating tramsmission of Malaria Parasites in Anopheles farauti Mosquitos in PNG. Lincoln Timinao’s PhD Stipend for 12 months.

Indicative funding: $29,800 over 2 years administered by James Cook University

Lincoln Timinao’s scholarship for the duration of 12 months (approved PhD candidature extension). Lincoln’s project involves assessing the infectivity of malaria infected blood samples to Anopheles mosquitoes and exploring ways to block transmission from humans to mosquitoes.

Chief Investigator: Stephan Karl with the help of Lincoln Timinao (Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine)


Australian National University - Institute of Advanced Studies - Contract Research

Communication in Nursing Handovers at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney: A before and after evaluation of potential economic impact

Indicative funding: $9,000 administered by James Cook University

The aim of this study is to examine the impact of Communication in Nursing Handover translational research on treatment costs and frequency of hospital acquired complications in four wards at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

Chief Investigator: Christopher Rouen with the help of Diana Slade (College of Healthcare Sciences and Australian National University)