Centre for Invasive Species Solutions - Contract Research

Tilapia Biocontrol Project.

Indicative funding: $15,000 over 2 years administered by James Cook University

Determine the susceptibility of two tilapia species present in Australian waterways (O. mossambicus and T. mariae ) to TiLV and demonstrate the efficacy of TiLV as a potential biocontrol agent for tilapia in Australia.

Chief Investigators: Argus Sunarto, Marc Seifert, Andrew Barnes, Bonnie Holmes and Ellen Ariel (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation, QLD Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, The University of Queensland, University of the Sunshine Coast, College of Public Health and Medical & Vet Sciences)

Department of Natural Resources and Mines - Contract Research

Waters of Jericho Part 2: Refining the Cu isotope characterization of waters overlying IOCG-style deposits in the Mt Isa Block (Jericho and Eloise deposits)

Indicative funding: $20,000 administered by James Cook University

The Department and JCU have an ongoing Project Schedule under the existing Umbrella Research Agreement ("Waters of Jericho: Characterizing the Cu isotope composition of waters overlying IOCG-style deposits in the Mt Isa Block (Jericho and Eloise deposits"). This project has produced significant initial results for ~40 borehole water samples that indicate a clear Cu isotope anomaly (higher 65Cu) proximal to known ore deposits within the field area (which drops off distal to deposits). These findings have led The Department and JCU to pursue an expansion of this investigation by re-sampling approximately 60-90% of the same boreholes as previously sampled (depending on field sampling availability/viability), and to characterize their Cu isotope composition, in order to test potential influences on Cu isotope compositions in groundwater by changes in season (e.g. late dry season vs post wet season).

Chief Investigator: Brandon Mahan with the help of Helen Degeling and Ryan Mathur (College of Science & Engineering, Geological Survey of Queensland and Juniata College)

International Union for the Conservation of Nature - Contract Research

IUCN Maldives Ecosystems.

Indicative funding: $21,863 administered by James Cook University

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Maldives requires an expert to assist in the development of an ecosystem classification scheme for the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of Maldives. This project will conduct the necessary research and leadership to develop a list of terrestrial and marine ecosystems for Maldives, building on considerable recent work to develop an international Global Ecosystem Typology. The outcomes will support conservation planning, natural resource management and environmental legislation development in the Maldives, and contribute new knowledge about the diversity and distribution of Maldive's ecosystems.

Chief Investigator: Nicholas Murray (College of Science & Engineering)


Abriculture - Contract Research

Terrestrial refugia health surveillance of Dinden and Little Mulgrave National Parks by Abriculture Indigenous Rangers.

Indicative funding: $80,000 administered by Abriculture

Work with Abriculture and Wet Tropics Management Authority to assist traditional owners and rangers to monitor biodiversity, set up collection and data management in Dinden and Little Mulgrave National Parks. Field based training on biodiversity surveys will be conducted with indigenous rangers for spotlighting, camera trapping, bird surveys, frog survey and climate data. Provide qualified staff, provide training to indigenous rangers, help create monitoring forms, reporting templates. Assist in the development of future project proposals for on-the-ground ecological management for climate change in Dinden and Little Mulgrave National Parks.

Chief Investigator: Stephen Williams with the help of Alejandro De La Fuentes Pinero (College of Science & Engineering)

North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation - Contract Research

Coral analysis and NQBP intern framework

Indicative funding: $19,250 administered by James Cook University

The partnership agreement between James Cook University and North Queensland Bulk Ports incorporates a pipeline for students to participate in an internship training and education program. This project will include preparation of an information package for students, and a framework to capture and report key learning experiences by students participating in the internship program. Preparation of this framework and package will be used when future students participate in the program. The project will also include the analysis and reporting of coral data collected under the partnership program more broadly.

Chief Investigator: Nathan Waltham with the help of Michael Rasheed (TropWATER)

Queensland health - Contract Research

Nurses and Midwives (Queensland Health and Department of Education) Certified Agreement (EB10) 2018 (Nurses and Midwives EB10): Midwifery research.

Indicative funding: $73,294 administered by James Cook University

A multi-method descriptive exploratory project that aims to define the role and scope of contemporary midwifery practice in Queensland and describe the domains of midwifery practice and the descriptors of each domain. The project includes three phases:1) an integrative review of the literature; 2) interviews and focus groups with midwives; and 3) a Delphi study.

Chief Investigators: Cate Nagle, Karen Yates and Marie McAuliffe with the help of Lesley Brown and Misha Byrne (College of Healthcare Sciences, Townsville Hospital and Health Services and Strategic Momentum Group)

Queensland Pacific Metals - Contract Research

Sustainable use of tailings as land-fill and non-structural construction material - Phase 1

Indicative funding: $30,000 administered by James Cook University

The central aim of the project is the assessment of blended residue from Townsville Energy Chemicals Hub (TECH) for sustainable use. Tailings can be processed to remove the acidic content or mixed with binder to become safe backfill or non-structural materials. TECH proposed to process annually 600,000 tons of high grenade Nickel and Cobalt ore. Phase 1 of the project will undertake physical, chemical, geotechnical and engineering strength tests on tailings from TECH to estimate the limits and to assess characteristics, including the acid-insoluble content of the tailings. The understanding will help to develop research in phase 2 and 3.

Chief Investigators: Peter To, Siva Sivakugan, Yinghe He, Mohan Jacob and Rabin Tuladhar (College of Science & Engineering)