Graduate Research School Register of Advisors

Register of Advisors

Register of Advisors

James Cook University is committed to quality research supervision.

JCU staff who supervise research students must be on the Register of Advisors. To be included on the Register, staff must apply by completing the Application for Admission to the Register of Advisors form.

The table below shows all staff currently listed on the Register of Advisors, grouped by School and Organisational Unit, and within the unit sorted alphabetically by surname.

Advisor Mentor: Each Advisory Panel should include at least one person with Advisor Mentor Status on the Register of Advisors, where the Primary Advisor is new to the role or additional supervisory support is indicated.

Primary Advanced: The Primary Advanced Advisor chairs the Advisory Panel and takes the lead in day-to-day supervision of the candidate. They should be on the Register of Advisors. The Primary Advanced Advisor should be a member of the academic staff (or adjunct staff) of the College in which the candidate is enrolled, or be otherwise formally contracted and accountable to the University for supervisory duties. An advisory team that includes a Primary Advanced Advisor does not require an Advisor Mentor. This level is no longer available but existing people on this level can remain.

Primary: Each Advisory Panel should include at least one Primary Advisor who is a member of the academic staff (or adjunct staff) of the College in which the candidate is enrolled or is otherwise formally contracted and accountable to the provider for supervisory duties and is on the JCU Register of Advisors with Primary Advisor or Advisor Mentor Status.

Secondary: Each Advisory Panel should include at least one Secondary Advisor who is a member of the academic staff of the University and is on the Register of Advisors. Additional Secondary Advisors who are not on the Register may be appointed because of their expertise. These Secondary Advisors may be external to the University and are not required to apply for admission to the Register of Advisors.

For information on the eligibility requirements please refer to the HDR Supervision Procedure.

For an explanation of weighted research publications please refer to JCU Connect- Publications Categories

Division of Research & Innovation

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Renata Ferrari Legorreta Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Manuel Gonzalez Rivero Secondary Advisor
Dr Patrick Laffy Primary Advisor
Dr Carly Randall Primary Advisor
Dr Barbara Robson Primary Advisor

Research Infrastructure

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Jen Whan Secondary Advisor

Graduate Research

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Christine Bruce Advisor Mentor
Dr Elizabeth Tynan Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Hilary Whitehouse Advisor Mentor

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Andrew Baird Advisor Mentor
Dr Michele Barnes Primary Advisor
Dr Line Bay Primary Advisor
Dr Tom Bridge Primary Advisor
Dr Ciemon Caballes Primary Advisor
Prof Joshua Cinner Advisor Mentor
Dr Peter Cowman Primary Advisor
Prof Graeme Cumming Advisor Mentor
Dr Jennifer Donelson Primary Advisor
Dr Alana Grech Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Georgina Gurney Primary Advisor
Dr Hugo Harrison Primary Advisor
Prof Andrew Hoey Advisor Mentor
Empro Terry Hughes Advisor Mentor
Dr Bjorn Illing Secondary Advisor
Dr Jacqueline Lau Secondary Advisor
Dr Vanessa Messmer Primary Advisor
Prof Tiffany Morrison Advisor Mentor
Dr Aurelie Moya Primary Advisor
Prof Philip Munday Advisor Mentor
Prof Morgan Pratchett Advisor Mentor
Prof Bob Pressey Advisor Mentor
Dr Jodie Rummer Advisor Mentor
Dr Patrick Smallhorn-West Primary Advisor
Dr Maya Srinivasan Secondary Advisor
Dr Gergely Torda Primary Advisor
Dr Sue-Ann Watson Primary Advisor
Dr Rebecca Weeks Primary Advisor

Cairns Institute

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Allan Dale Primary Advisor
Dr Kristi Giselsson Primary Advisor
A/Prof Deborah Graham Advisor Mentor
Dr Rachel Hay Primary Advisor
Dr Susan Jacups Primary Advisor
Prof Stewart Lockie Advisor Mentor
Dr Fiona Oates Secondary Advisor
Dr Gillian Paxton Secondary Advisor
Dr Michael Underdown Primary Advisor

Learning, Teaching & Student Engagement

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Kathryn Meldrum Secondary Advisor
Dr Rhian Morgan Secondary Advisor

Indigenous Education & Research Centre

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Vincent Backhaus Primary Advisor
Prof Yvonne Cadet-James Primary Advisor
Dr Dianna Hardy Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Ailie McDowall Primary Advisor
Prof Martin Nakata Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Felecia Watkin Primary Advisor

Division of Tropical Health & Medicine

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Alice Cairns Primary Advisor
Empro Rhondda Jones Advisor Mentor
Dr Alison Pighills Primary Advisor
Dr David Wilson Primary Advisor

Murtupuni Centre for Rural & Remote Health

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Yaqoot Fatima Primary Advisor
Dr Santosh Jatrana Advisor Mentor
Dr Sharon Varela Secondary Advisor

College of Public Health, Medical & Vet Sciences

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Ellen Ariel Advisor Mentor
Prof Alan Baxter Advisor Mentor
Dr Lee Berger Primary Advisor
A/Prof Bruce Bowden Advisor Mentor
Dr Graham Burgess Advisor Mentor
Dr Sandra Campbell Primary Advisor
Dr Maria Castellanos Reynosa Primary Advisor
A/Prof John Cavalieri Primary Advisor
A/Prof Meryl Churchill Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Alan Clough Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Constantin Constantinoiu Primary Advisor
Dr Ira Cooke Primary Advisor
A/Prof Sue Devine Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Jennifer Elliman Advisor Mentor
Dr Theophilus Emeto Primary Advisor
Dr Michelle Fitts Secondary Advisor
Dr Richard Francis Primary Advisor
Prof Richard Franklin Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Brenda Govan Advisor Mentor
Prof Bruce Gummow Advisor Mentor
Dr Simone Harrison Primary Advisor
Dr Linton Harriss Primary Advisor
Dr Orachun Hayakijkosol Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Lionel Hebbard Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Lars Henning Primary Advisor
Dr Roslyn Hickson Primary Advanced Advisor
A/Prof Paul Horwood Advisor Mentor
Dr Sacha Jensen Secondary Advisor
Dr Carolynne Joone Secondary Advisor
Dr Margaret Jordan Advisor Mentor
Dr Robert Kinobe Primary Advisor
Prof Peter Leggat Advisor Mentor
Prof Sandra Leggat Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Zhanming Liang Advisor Mentor
Dr Daniel Lindsay Primary Advisor
A/Prof Janice Lloyd Primary Advisor
Prof Andreas Lopata Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Aduli Malau-Aduli Advisor Mentor
Dr Kris McBain-Rigg Primary Advisor
Prof Robyn McDermott Advisor Mentor
Dr Craig McFarlane Advisor Mentor
Dr Dagmar Meyer Steiger Secondary Advisor
Prof David Miller Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Suzanne Munns Primary Advisor
A/Prof Haleagrahara Nagaraja Primary Advisor
A/Prof Tilley Pain Primary Advisor
Dr Amy Peden Primary Advisor
Dr Jacqueline Picard Primary Advisor
Prof Scott Ritchie Advisor Mentor
Dr Alexandra Roberts Primary Advisor
Dr Diana Rojas Alvarez Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Donna Rudd Primary Advisor
A/Prof Catherine Rush Advisor Mentor
Prof Zoltan Sarnyai Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Patrick Schaeffer Advisor Mentor
A/PROF Ulf Schmitz Advisor Mentor
Dr David Simcock Primary Advisor
Dr Alanna Sorenson Primary Advisor
A/Prof Richard Squires Secondary Advisor
Dr Kyran Staunton Primary Advisor
Dr Rachel Tan Primary Advisor
Dr Donnalee Taylor Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Stephanie Topp Advisor Mentor
Dr Hillary Vanderven Primary Advisor
Prof Estelle Venter Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Jeffrey Warner Advisor Mentor
Prof Kerrianne Watt Advisor Mentor
Prof David Whitmore Advisor Mentor
Prof Maxine Whittaker Advisor Mentor
Prof Ted Whittem Advisor Mentor
Dr Sarah-Jane Wilson Secondary Advisor

College of Healthcare Sciences

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Tracey Ahern Secondary Advisor
Dr Ruth Barker Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Fiona Barnett Advisor Mentor
Dr Narelle Biedermann Secondary Advisor
Prof Melanie Birks Advisor Mentor
Dr Trish Burton Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Marie Caltabiano Primary Advisor
A/Prof Nerina Caltabiano Advisor Mentor
Dr Jennifer Chamberlain-Salaun Secondary Advisor
Prof Lucy Chipchase Advisor Mentor
Dr Ylona Chun Tie Primary Advisor
Dr Geoffrey Clark Secondary Advisor
Dr Jonathan Connor Primary Advisor
Dr Fiona Crowther Secondary Advisor
Dr Glen Deakin Primary Advisor
Prof James Dimmock Advisor Mentor
Dr Kenji Doma Primary Advisor
Mrs Jackie Eagers Primary Advisor
Dr Susan Edwards Secondary Advisor
Dr Carol Flavell Primary Advisor
A/Prof Kendall George Secondary Advisor
Dr Helena Harrison Secondary Advisor
Dr Peter Hartin Secondary Advisor
Dr Michael Inskip Primary Advisor
A/Prof Anne Jones Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Garry Kidd Secondary Advisor
Dr Meegan Kilcullen Primary Advisor
Dr Amanda Krause Primary Advisor
Dr Helen Land Secondary Advisor
Dr Tanya Langtree Secondary Advisor
Dr Brian Law Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Anthony Leicht Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Wendy Li Primary Advanced Advisor
A/Prof David Lindsay Primary Advisor
Dr Daniel Lowrie Primary Advisor
A/Prof Kerry McBain Primary Advisor
Dr Teneale McGuckin Primary Advisor
Dr Connar McShane Advisor Mentor
Dr Daniel Miller Secondary Advisor
Prof Jane Mills Advisor Mentor
Prof Meg Morris Advisor Mentor
Prof Cate Nagle Advisor Mentor
Dr Jessica Oliva Secondary Advisor
Dr Tanya Park Primary Advisor
A/Prof Rebecca Sealey Primary Advisor
Mr Wade Sinclair Secondary Advisor
A/Prof John Smithson Secondary Advisor
Dr Wendy Smyth Primary Advisor
Dr Robert Stanton Secondary Advisor
Prof Lee Stewart Primary Advisor
Dr Anne Swinbourne Advisor Mentor
Dr Nicole Thomas Advisor Mentor
Dr Craig Thorley Primary Advisor
Dr Denise Turner Secondary Advisor
Dr Trinidad Valenzuela Arteaga Secondary Advisor
Dr Liza van Eijk Primary Advisor
Dr Nasreena Waheed Primary Advisor
Prof Caryn West Advisor Mentor
Dr Kristin Wicking Advisor Mentor
Dr Carl Woods Secondary Advisor
Dr Karen Yates Advisor Mentor
Prof Matthew Yau Primary Advisor

College of Medicine & Dentistry

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Emma Anderson Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Helen Anscomb Primary Advisor
Dr Erik Biros Primary Advisor
Dr Karen Carlisle Primary Advisor
Dr Karen Cheer Secondary Advisor
Dr Felicity Croker Primary Advisor
Prof Caroline de Costa Primary Advisor
Prof Geoffrey Dobson Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Kate Domett Advisor Mentor
Dr Aaron Drovandi Primary Advisor
Dr Alex Edelman Secondary Advisor
Dr Rebecca Evans Primary Advisor
Prof Beverley Glass Advisor Mentor
Prof Jon Golledge Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Nichole Harvey Primary Advisor
Prof Richard Hays Advisor Mentor
Dr Kaushik Hazratwala Primary Advisor
Prof Clare Heal Primary Advisor
A/Prof Ian Heslop Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Yik-Hong Ho Advisor Mentor
Prof Colin Holmes Secondary Advisor
Dr Robi Islam Secondary Advisor
Dr Janelle James-McAlpine Secondary Advisor
Dr Ernest Jennings Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Peter Johnson Primary Advisor
Prof Jenni Judd Advisor Mentor
Dr Yogavijayan Kandasamy Primary Advisor
Dr Jenny Kelly Advisor Mentor
Mrs Gillian Knott Secondary Advisor
Prof Sarah Larkins Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Andrew Lee Secondary Advisor
A/Prof David MacLaren Advisor Mentor
Prof Usman Malabu Primary Advisor
A/Prof Bunmi Malau-Aduli Advisor Mentor
Prof Andrew Mallett Primary Advisor
A/Prof Peter Massey Advisor Mentor
Prof John McBride Advisor Mentor
Prof Emma McBryde Advisor Mentor
Dr Kate Miller Primary Advisor
Dr Nishila Moodley Secondary Advisor
Dr Corey Moran Primary Advisor
Dr Jodie Morris Primary Advisor
Dr Joseph Moxon Primary Advisor
Dr Lorraine Muller Secondary Advisor
Dr Smriti Murali Krishna Primary Advisor
Dr Martina Mylrea Secondary Advisor
Dr Sachin Nayyar Secondary Advisor
Prof Alan Nimmo Primary Advisor
Dr Madeleine Nowak Primary Advisor
Ms Cecelia O'Brien Primary Advisor
Dr Teresa O'Connor Secondary Advisor
Mr Stevie Perks Secondary Advisor
Dr Robyn Preston Primary Advisor
A/Prof Robin Ray Advisor Mentor
Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren Primary Advisor
Mr Kelvin Robertson Secondary Advisor
Ms Simone Ross Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Sarah G Russell Secondary Advisor
Prof Tarun Sen Gupta Advisor Mentor
Dr Dileep Sharma Primary Advisor
Dr Deb Smith Secondary Advisor
Prof Richard Stoll Primary Advisor
Ms Selina Taylor Secondary Advisor
Dr Judy Taylor Primary Advisor
Dr Shiv Thanigaimani Primary Advisor
Prof Peter Thomson Advisor Mentor
Dr Alexandra Trollope Primary Advisor
Dr Venkat Vangaveti Primary Advisor
Dr Lynn Woodward Primary Advisor
Dr Torres Woolley Primary Advisor
Prof Ian Wright Primary Advisor
A/Prof Louise Young Primary Advisor
Dr Monika Zimanyi Secondary Advisor

Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Oyelola Adegboye Primary Advisor
Prof Tom Burkot Primary Advisor
Dr Melissa Crowe Advisor Mentor
Prof Norelle Daly Advisor Mentor
Prof Denise Doolan Advisor Mentor
Dr Matt Field Primary Advisor
Dr Cadhla Firth Primary Advisor
Dr Paul Giacomin Primary Advisor
Dr Sandip Kamath Primary Advisor
Dr Stephan Karl Primary Advisor
Dr Andreas Kupz Primary Advisor
Prof Alex Loukas Advisor Mentor
Dr Michael Meehan Secondary Advisor
Dr Diana Mendez Primary Advisor
A/Prof Severine Navarro Primary Advisor
Dr Saparna Pai Secondary Advisor
Dr Anton Pak Primary Advisor
Dr David Pattinson Primary Advisor
A/Prof Gunther Paul Advisor Mentor
Dr Mark Pearson Primary Advisor
Dr Jackie Reznik Primary Advisor
Dr Edita Ritmejeryte Secondary Advisor
Dr Roland Ruscher Primary Advisor
Dr Tanya Russell Primary Advisor
Dr Stephanie M. Ryan Primary Advisor
Prof Louis Schofield Advisor Mentor
Prof Jamie Seymour Advisor Mentor
Dr Michael Smout Primary Advisor
Dr Javier Sotillo-Gallego Primary Advisor
Dr Katie Tungatt Primary Advisor
Dr Phurpa Wangchuk Primary Advisor

Division of Tropical Environments & Societies

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Patrick Danaher Advisor Mentor
Dr Michelle Devlin Primary Advisor
Dr Stephen Lewis Secondary Advisor
Empro Helene Marsh Advisor Mentor
Dr Lars Nauheimer Secondary Advisor
Dr Shelley Templeman Secondary Advisor


Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Lisa Bostrom Einarsson Primary Advisor
Dr Alexandra Carter Secondary Advisor
Dr Christophe Cleguer Secondary Advisor
Dr Catherine Collier Primary Advisor
Dr Norman Duke Primary Advisor
Dr Ian McLeod Primary Advisor
Dr Michael Rasheed Primary Advisor
Dr Cecilia Villacorta Rath Secondary Advisor
Dr Nathan Waltham Primary Advisor
Dr Paul York Primary Advisor

Australian Tropical Herbarium

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Lalita Simpson Secondary Advisor

College of Business, Law & Governance

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Jane Addison Primary Advisor
Dr Rafiuddin Ahmed Primary Advisor
Prof Ian Atkinson Advisor Mentor
Dr Rabiul Beg Primary Advisor
A/Prof Anna Blackman Advisor Mentor
Prof Stephen Boyle Advisor Mentor
Prof Peter Case Primary Advisor
Dr Leonie Cassidy Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Taha Chaiechi Advisor Mentor
Dr Tingzhen Chen Primary Advisor
Dr Sue Ciccotosto Advisor Mentor
Prof Arusha Cooray Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Chris Davies Primary Advisor
Dr Chris Durden Primary Advisor
A/Prof Terry Engelberg-Moston Primary Advisor
Dr Jamie Fellows Primary Advisor
A/Prof Louise Floyd Primary Advisor
Dr Daniel Grainger Primary Advisor
Empro Stephen Graw Primary Advisor
Prof Siggi Gudergan Advisor Mentor
Prof John Hamilton Advisor Mentor
Dr Diane Jarvis Primary Advisor
A/Prof Monica Jurin Primary Advisor
Dr Alf Kuilboer Secondary Advisor
Dr Li Xian Liu Primary Advisor
Prof David Low Advisor Mentor
Dr Tracey Mahony Secondary Advisor
Dr Breda McCarthy Primary Advisor
Prof Gary Meyers Secondary Advisor
Prof Damian Morgan Advisor Mentor
Prof Gianna Moscardo Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Laurie Murphy Advisor Mentor
Dr Putu Mustika Primary Advanced Advisor
A/Prof Hera Oktadiana Primary Advisor
Dr Jenny Panchal Primary Advisor
Dr Murray Prideaux Primary Advisor
A/Prof Josephine Pryce Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Carmen Reaiche Amaro Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Kerry Russo Secondary Advisor
Dr Janice Scarinci Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Mandy Shircore Primary Advisor
Prof Elizabeth Spencer Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Sizhong Sun Advisor Mentor
Dr Singwhat Tee Primary Advisor
Dr Denis Tolkach Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Riccardo Welters Advisor Mentor
Dr April Ye Secondary Advisor
Prof Zhang-Yue Zhou Advisor Mentor

College of Arts, Society & Education

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Robyn Anderson Primary Advisor
Prof Hurriyet Babacan Primary Advisor
A/Prof Helen Boon Advisor Mentor
Dr Florence Boulard Secondary Advisor
Dr Claire Brennan Advisor Mentor
Dr Greg Burnett Advisor Mentor
Dr Leanne Cameron Secondary Advisor
Dr Ann Carrington Primary Advisor
Prof Margaret Anne Carter Primary Advisor
Dr Nigel Chang Advisor Mentor
Dr Philemon Chigeza Advisor Mentor
Dr Mark David Chong Primary Advisor
Dr Luca Ciucci Primary Advisor
A/Prof Allison Craven Primary Advisor
A/Prof Leanne Dalley Primary Advisor
Prof Ryan Daniel Advisor Mentor
Dr Leah Daniel Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Glenn Dawes Advisor Mentor
Prof Jennifer Deger Primary Advisor
Prof Maree Dinan-Thompson Advisor Mentor
Dr Tanya Doyle Secondary Advisor
Dr Neus Evans Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Simon Foale Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Amy Forbes Primary Advisor
A/Prof Abraham Francis Primary Advisor
Dr Jennifer Gabriel Primary Advisor
A/Prof Susan Gair Advisor Mentor
Dr Sarah Galletly Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Robyn Glade-Wright Advisor Mentor
Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan Primary Advisor
Dr Claire Hansen Primary Advisor
A/Prof Nonie Harris Advisor Mentor
Dr Anna Hayes Primary Advisor
Prof Rosita Henry Advisor Mentor
Dr Peter Jones Primary Advisor
Dr Sylvia Kelso Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Victoria Kuttainen Advisor Mentor
Dr Ariana Lambrides Primary Advisor
A/Prof Richard Lansdown Primary Advisor
Prof Brian Lewthwaite Advisor Mentor
Dr Kelsey Lowrie Advisor Mentor
Dr Kerrie Mackey-Smith Primary Advisor
Dr Emma Maguire Primary Advisor
Prof Russell McGregor Advisor Mentor
Dr Lyndon Megarrity Primary Advisor
Dr Jo Mensinga Primary Advisor
Prof Debra Miles Advisor Mentor
Dr Russell Milledge Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Richard Monypenny Advisor Mentor
Prof Anne-Marie Morgan Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Vinnitta Mosby Secondary Advisor
Prof Stephen Naylor Advisor Mentor
Dr Maxine Newlands Primary Advisor
Prof Richard Nile Advisor Mentor
Dr Marie Oelgemoeller Secondary Advisor
Dr Nick Osbaldiston Primary Advisor
Dr Roger Osborne Primary Advisor
Prof Ton Otto Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Paul Pagliano Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Theresa Petray Advisor Mentor
Dr Christian Reepmeyer Primary Advisor
A/Prof Robin Rodd Advisor Mentor
Dr Daniel Rosendahl Primary Advisor
Dr Peta Salter Primary Advisor
Dr Bryan Smith Primary Advisor
Mr Chrystopher Spicer Secondary Advisor
Prof Koen Stapelbroek Advisor Mentor
Prof Hallam Stevens Primary Advisor
A/Prof Cheryl Taylor Primary Advisor
Dr Subhashni Taylor Secondary Advisor
Dr Marcia Thorne Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Louisa Tomas Engel Advisor Mentor
Prof Komla Tsey Advisor Mentor
Dr Hyacinth Udah Primary Advisor
Prof Sean Ulm Advisor Mentor
Dr Jocene Vallack Primary Advisor
Dr Ariella Van Luyn Primary Advisor
Dr Alex Walker Secondary Advisor
Dr Janice Wegner Secondary Advisor
Dr Anna Willis Primary Advisor
Dr Satine Winter Secondary Advisor
Dr Katherine Woo Secondary Advisor
Dr Michael Wood Advisor Mentor
Dr Jon Woodend Secondary Advisor
Dr Ines Zuchowski Primary Advisor

College of Science & Engineering

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Dr Sandra Abell Primary Advisor
Dr Euijoon Ahn Primary Advisor
Empro Ross Alford Advisor Mentor
Dr Slade Allen-Ankins Secondary Advisor
Dr Stephanie Baker Secondary Advisor
Dr Zsuzsa Banhalmi-Zakar Primary Advisor
Dr Mark Barnes Secondary Advisor
Mr Matt Barrett Primary Advisor
Dr Katia Bazaka Primary Advisor
Dr Robin Beaman Primary Advisor
Dr Isabel Beasley Secondary Advisor
Dr Orpha Bellwood Primary Advisor
Prof David Bellwood Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Shaun Belward Primary Advisor
Prof Michael Bird Advisor Mentor
Dr Alastair Birtles Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Jennifer Blair Advisor Mentor
Prof David Blair Advisor Mentor
A/Prof David Bourne Advisor Mentor
Dr Ioana Bowden Secondary Advisor
Dr Michael Bradley Secondary Advisor
Dr Sara Brice Primary Advisor
Dr Graham Brodie Primary Advisor
Dr Lyanne Brouwer Primary Advisor
Dr Reniel Cabral Primary Advisor
A/Prof Lucas Cernusak Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Iti Chaturvedi Primary Advisor
Dr Chao Chen Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Andrew Chin Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Kelly Condon Primary Advisor
Dr Brad Congdon Advisor Mentor
Prof Sean Connolly Advisor Mentor
Prof Darren Crayn Advisor Mentor
Dr James Daniell Primary Advisor
Dr Sourav Das Primary Advisor
Dr Bithin Datta Advisor Mentor
Dr Murray Davies Secondary Advisor
Prof Rocky de Nys Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Amy Diedrich Advisor Mentor
Prof Paul Dirks Advisor Mentor
Dr Katya dos Santos Abrantes Primary Advisor
Dr Elsa Dos Santos Antunes Primary Advisor
Dr Yang Du Primary Advisor
Dr Stephanie Duce Primary Advisor
A/Prof Will Edwards Advisor Mentor
Prof Yvette Everingham Advisor Mentor
Dr Carla Ewels Primary Advisor
Dr Liyuan Fan Primary Advisor
Dr Melanie Finch Primary Advisor
Dr Naomi Gardiner Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Hossein Ghodosi Advisor Mentor
Dr Ashley Gillman Primary Advisor
Prof John Ginger Advisor Mentor
Dr Chris Glasson Primary Advisor
Dr Miriam Goosem Advisor Mentor
Dr Erin Graham Secondary Advisor
Dr Rosalind Gummow Primary Advisor
Dr Yetta Gurtner Primary Advisor
Dr April Hall Primary Advisor
Prof Mark Hamann Advisor Mentor
Dr Julia Hazel Secondary Advisor
Prof Yinghe He Advisor Mentor
Dr David Henderson Primary Advisor
A/Prof Scott Heron Primary Advisor
Dr Megan Higgie Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Ben Hirsch Primary Advisor
Dr Jason Holdsworth Primary Advisor
A/Prof Mia Hoogenboom Advisor Mentor
Dr Conrad Hoskin Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Tao Huang Primary Advisor
Dr Roger Huerlimann Primary Advisor
Dr Jan Huizenga Primary Advisor
Dr Kate Hutson Primary Advisor
Prof Mohan Jacob Advisor Mentor
Prof Dean Jerry Advisor Mentor
Prof Geoff Jones Advisor Mentor
Dr Dave Jones Primary Advisor
Dr Karen Joyce Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Peter Junk Advisor Mentor
Dr Owen Kenny Secondary Advisor
Dr Mehdi Khatamifar Primary Advisor
A/Prof David King Advisor Mentor
Prof Mike Kingsford Advisor Mentor
Dr Jack Koci Primary Advisor
Dr Dmitry Konovalov Primary Advisor
A/Prof Daniel Kosov Advisor Mentor
Prof Andrew Krockenberger Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Lori Lach Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Susan Laurance Primary Advisor
Prof Bill Laurance Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Lisa Law Advisor Mentor
Dr Agnes Le Port Primary Advisor
Ms Susannah Leahy Secondary Advisor
Prof Ickjai Lee Advisor Mentor
Dr Joanne Lee Primary Advisor
A/Prof Michael Liddell Secondary Advisor
Dr HanShe Lim Primary Advisor
Prof Wenxian Lin Advisor Mentor
Dr Yang Liu Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Colin MacGregor Advisor Mentor
Dr Gregory Maes Primary Advisor
Dr Marie Magnusson Primary Advisor
Dr Brandon Mahan Primary Advisor
Dr Carlo Mattone Secondary Advisor
Dr Helen McCoy-West Secondary Advisor
Dr Alex McCoy-West Primary Advisor
Dr Donald McKnight Primary Advisor
Dr Stefano Montanari Secondary Advisor
Dr Daniel Montesinos Torres Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Renato Morais Araujo Secondary Advisor
Dr Nicholas Murray Primary Advisor
A/Prof Trina Myers Advisor Mentor
Dr Leo Nankervis Primary Advisor
A/Prof Paul Nelson Advisor Mentor
Dr Eric Nordberg Primary Advisor
Dr Tobin Northfield Primary Advisor
A/Prof Michael Oelgemoeller Advisor Mentor
Dr Mark Payne Secondary Advisor
Dr Bronson Philippa Primary Advanced Advisor
Miss Anna Pintor Secondary Advisor
Dr Igor Pirozzi Primary Advisor
Dr Kate Quigley Primary Advisor
Dr Mostafa Rahimi Azghadi Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Eric Roberts Advisor Mentor
Dr Mark Robertson Primary Advisor
Dr Cassandra Rowe Primary Advisor
Prof Garry Russ Advisor Mentor
Dr Tasmin Rymer Primary Advisor
Dr Ioan Sanislav Advisor Mentor
Prof Lin Schwarzkopf Advisor Mentor
Prof Marcus Sheaves Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Madoc Sheehan Advisor Mentor
Prof Colin Simpfendorfer Advisor Mentor
Dr Kearrin Sims Primary Advisor
Dr Alexandre Siqueira Correa Primary Advisor
Dr Rong Situ Primary Advisor
A/Prof Siva Sivakugan Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Scott Smithers Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Carl Spandler Advisor Mentor
Prof Anne Steinemann Advisor Mentor
Dr Robert Streit Primary Advisor
Prof Jan Strugnell Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Stephen Sutton Advisor Mentor
Dr Art (Hemmaphan) Suwanwiwat Primary Advisor
Dr Silvia Tavares Secondary Advisor
Dr Peter To Primary Advisor
Dr Kelly Trinh Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Rabin Tuladhar Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Sven Uthicke Advisor Mentor
A/Prof George Vamvounis Advisor Mentor
Dr Martijn van de Pol Advisor Mentor
Dr Lynne van Herwerden Advisor Mentor
Dr Eric Wang Primary Advisor
Dr Zoe Ju-Han Wang Primary Advisor
Dr Lauren Waszek Primary Advisor
Dr Greg Wheatley Primary Advisor
Prof Ron White Advisor Mentor
Prof Ian Whittingham Advisor Mentor
Prof Stephen Williams Primary Advisor
Dr Ashley Williams Advisor Mentor
Empro Bette Willis Advisor Mentor
Dr Eric Wolanski Primary Advisor
Dr Chris Wurster Primary Advisor
Prof Wei Xiang Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Chaoshu Zeng Advisor Mentor
Prof Kyall Zenger Advisor Mentor
Dr Shou-Han Zhou Primary Advisor

JCU Singapore

Advisor nameEmail address Level
Prof Emmanuel Adegbite Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Simona Azzali Primary Advisor
Dr Joanna Barlas Primary Advanced Advisor
Prof Abhishek Bhati Primary Advisor
Dr Adrian Bradshaw Secondary Advisor
Dr Kai Qin Chan Primary Advisor
Dr Peter Chew Primary Advisor
Dr Alla Demutska Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Roberto Dillon Primary Advisor
Dr Denise Dillon Advisor Mentor
A/Prof Jose Domingos Primary Advisor
Dr Emiel Eijdenberg Primary Advisor
Dr Samuel Gan Advisor Mentor
Dr Katheline Hua Advisor Mentor
Dr Neil Hutchinson Primary Advisor
Prof Alexander Josiassen Advisor Mentor
Dr Zilmiyah Kamble Primary Advisor
Dr Divjyot Kaur Secondary Advisor
Dr Jagdeep Kaur Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Adrian Kuah Primary Advisor
Dr Susan Kueh Primary Advanced Advisor
Dr Sean Lee Primary Advisor
Dr Patrick Lin Secondary Advisor
A/Prof Chris Lo Primary Advisor
A/Prof Frederick P.K. Low Secondary Advisor
Prof Nigel Marsh Advisor Mentor
Dr Zohre Mohammadi Secondary Advisor
Prof Eddy Ng Primary Advisor
Dr Thanh Nguyen Primary Advisor
Dr Jonathan Ramsay Primary Advisor
Prof Chris Rudd Advisor Mentor
Dr Xueyan Shen Secondary Advisor
Dr Smita Singh Primary Advisor
Dr Insu Song Primary Advisor
Dr Lidia Suarez Primary Advisor
Dr Chun Meng Tang Primary Advisor
Prof May Tan-Mullins Advisor Mentor
Dr Ai Ni Teoh Primary Advisor
Dr Eric Tham Secondary Advisor
Dr K Thirumaran Primary Advisor
A/Prof Pengji Wang Primary Advisor
Dr Adam Wang Primary Advisor
A/Prof Jacob Wood Primary Advisor
Dr Randy Zhu Secondary Advisor