New Books 13 October 2017

This is a list of new books which have been added to the New Book Displays or made available online this week.
Books acquired in the previous week are listed at: Last week's New Books
Books may be borrowed from the displays in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and the Cairns Campus Library, unless they are in non-borrowable collections such as Reference. Click on the title links to see more details in Tropicat and to access eBooks online.

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology
300 - 399 Social Sciences
400 - 499 Language
600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)
800 - 899 Literature
900 - 999 Geography and History

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology

ONLINEThe emergence of dreaming
ONLINEDecolonizing psychology

300 - 399 Social Sciences

302.2301 OXFThe Oxford Handbook of Media Psychology / edited by Karen E. Dill.MAIN
ONLINEDoing ethnographic and observational research
ONLINEArab migrant communities in the GCC
ONLINEChild labour
ONLINEGenetic management of fragmented animal and plant populations
333.2 VIN'Against native title' / Eve Vincent.MAIN
ONLINEService network design of bike sharing systems
ONLINEPrinciples in health economics and policy
ONLINELeading collaborative learning

400 - 499 Language

ONLINEWord studies in the Renaissance

600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)

610.9953 HERBiomedical entanglements / Franziska A. Herbst.MAIN
616.855 TELCounseling and interviewing in speech-language pathology and audiology / Cari M. Tellis, Orlando R. Barone.MAIN
ONLINEClinical cases in implant dentistry
ONLINEQuick reference to dental implant surgery
ONLINEPractical periodontal plastic surgery
617.917 PERPerioperative nursing / editors Lois Hamlin, Menna Davies, Marilyn Richardson-Tench, Sally Sutherland-Fraser.MAIN
ONLINEAtlas of canine and feline urinalysis

800 - 899 Literature

820.94 DUNSNannie loves / Kylie Dunstan.C

900 - 999 Geography and History

931 KHAKhao Sam Kaeo / edited by Bérénice Bellina.MAIN

Last Week's New Books

This is a list of last week's new books.

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology
300 - 399 Social Sciences
600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology

ONLINEStepfamily relationships
ONLINEInclusion, play and empathy
155 SLE 2015Child development / Rosalyn H. Shute and Phillip T. Slee.MAIN

300 - 399 Social Sciences

305.800723 TIMTime and the field / edited by Steffen Dalsgaard and Morten Nielsen.MAIN
305.89915 CARThe politics of identity / Bronwyn Carlson.MAIN
307.12160994 ROUThe Routledge handbook of Australian urban and regional planning / edited by Neil Sipe and Karen Vella.MAIN
330 SASExpulsions / Saskia Sassen.MAIN
340.5294 BLA 2016Crime, aboriginality and the decolonisation of justice / Harry Blagg.MAIN
349.94 MEELawbook co. nutshell / by Michael Meek.MAIN
361.320994 PRA 2016Practice skills in social work & welfare / edited by Jane Maidment and Ronnie Egan.MAIN
362.580994 LAWLaw and poverty in Australia / [edited by] Andrea Durbach, Brendan Edgeworth, Vicki Sentas.MAIN
ONLINETeaching primary science constructively

600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)

ONLINEThe Ebola pandemic in Sierra Leone
ONLINEAssessment of autism spectrum disorder
ONLINETreating the dental patient with a developmental disorder
ONLINEEvidence-based implant treatment planning and clinical protocols