New Books 6 December 2019

This is a list of new books which have been added to the New Book Displays or made available online this week.
Books acquired in the previous week are listed at: Last week's New Books
Books may be borrowed from the displays in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and the Cairns Campus Library, unless they are in non-borrowable collections such as Reference. Click on the title links to see more details in Tropicat and to access eBooks online.

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology
300 - 399 Social Sciences
400 - 499 Language
500 - 599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics
600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)
700 - 799 Arts, music, sports
800 - 899 Literature
900 - 999 Geography and History

100 - 199 Philosophy and Psychology

ONLINEThe organization and structure of autobiographical memory
ONLINEShared reality

300 - 399 Social Sciences

300.72 TSEWorking on wicked problems / Komla Tsey.MAIN
ONLINEConfronting humanity at its worst
ONLINESources and methods in Indigenous studies
ONLINEDeaf identities
305.89915 TIWNginingawila ngirramini / Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga.C
ONLINEThe Jordanian labor market
ONLINEThe protection of foreign investment in times of armed conflict
ONLINEA practical guide for genetic management of fragmented animal and plant populations
ONLINEResurgent Asia
ONLINETo serve the enemy
ONLINEThe impact of emerging technologies on the law of armed conflict
ONLINERewriting the history of the law of nations
ONLINEHow international law works in times of crisis
ONLINEStatehood and the state-like in international law
ONLINEConstitutionalism justified
ONLINEIntersectional discrimination
ONLINEGetting by
ONLINEBingo capitalism
ONLINEFamiliarity and conviction in the criminal justice system
ONLINEMeasuring social welfare
ONLINEBlue and green cities
ONLINEThe interactive classroom

400 - 499 Language

401.93 DEV 2013The development of language / Jean Berko Gleason, Nan Bernstein Ratner.MAIN
ONLINEMinimalist parsing
ONLINECycles in language change
ONLINEThe meaning of more
ONLINEDative external possessors in early English

500 - 599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

501.4 CORThe science of communicating science / Craig Cormick.MAIN
ONLINERespiratory biology of animals
ONLINEPopulation dynamics for conservation
577.56 ADLUrban ecosystems / Frederick R. Adler, Colby J. Tanner.MAIN

600 - 699 Technology (Applied Sciences)

ONLINEStill not safe
ONLINEThe social epidemiology of sleep
ONLINEContinual raving
636.085 HYNAnimal nutrition / Philip I Hynd.MAIN
ONLINEParents' beliefs about children

700 - 799 Arts, music, sports

ONLINEThe empathic screen

800 - 899 Literature

808.3 BRABecoming a writer / Dorothea Brande ; foreword by John GardnerMAIN
820 BRE 2C MUT/METMother Courage and her children / Bertolt Brecht ; translated from the German by John Willett ; with commentary and notes by Hugh Rorrison.MAIN
820 JOY 1C POR/PENA portrait of the artist as a young man / James Joyce ; edited with an introduction and notes by Seamus Deane.MAIN
820 SHAW 1C MAN/PENMan and Superman / Bernard Shaw ; definitive text under the editorial supervision of Dan H. Laurence ; with an introduction by Stanley Weintraub.MAIN
820A BAKE 1B OUTOut from the past / Tim BakerMAIN
820A KEL(S) 1C EVEEverran's bane / by Sylvia Kelso.NQ
820A LAWS 1B LET/RODLetters 1890-1922 / Henry Lawson ; edited with introduction and notes by Colin RoderickMAIN
820A PAT 3 RODBanjo Paterson / Colin RoderickMAIN
820A RICE 1C POBPobby and Dingan / Ben Rice.MAIN
820A SAUN 1C ALAAlanna / Alan Saunders.MAIN
820C ATW 1C SURSurfacing / [by] Margaret AtwoodMAIN
820.94 MANBMoli det bigibigi = / Karen Manbulloo bin raidim dijan stori ; ola Binjari Buk mob 2017 bin drowim ola pitja.C
820.94 MOR(S)Can you dance? / written by Sally Morgan ; illustrated by Kathy Arbon.C
820.94 NAKThe naked boy and the crocodile / edited by Andy Griffiths.C
820.94 STRAWamparla apira / by Thanthi Syd Strangways ; illustrated by Kathy Arbon.C
820.94 TIWShallow in the deep end / written and illustrated by Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga with Jared Thomas.C
820.94 TIWTiwi girl / by Tiwi College, Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga.C
820.94 YAKA Yakanarra day = / by the senior students of Yakanarra Community School.C
820.94 YAKThe Yakanarra dogs / by junior students of Yakanarra Community School = Wangki Yakanarrajangka / Minyarti palu lani mirlimirlinga yapawarntirlu purlkawarntirlu Kuuljangkarlu.C
820.94 YIRThe Yirara mix book / written and illustrated by students of Yirara College, Alice Springs, Australia.C
860 GAR(G) 2C CIEOne hundred years of solitude / translated from the Spanish by Gregory RabassaMAIN

900 - 999 Geography and History

920.00929 HEIDeadly sisters of Worawa / [written by thirteen students from Worawa Aboriginal College] with Dr Anita Heiss and Shelley Ware.C
ONLINEFacilitating injustice

Last Week's New Books

This is a list of last week's new books.

000 - 099 Generalities, Computing, Bibliography
300 - 399 Social Sciences
400 - 499 Language
500 - 599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics
700 - 799 Arts, music, sports
800 - 899 Literature

000 - 099 Generalities, Computing, Bibliography

070.49092 ADDIt's what I do / written and read by Lynsey Addario.MAIN

300 - 399 Social Sciences

333.88 TALAn assessment of the geothermal energy potential of northern and eastern Queensland / B. Talebi, S. N. Sargent and L. K. O'Connor.MAIN
344.94099 SPO 2017Sports law / David Thorpe, Antonio Buti, Chris Davies, Paul Jonson.T-RESB
355.0086640994 RISServing in silence? / Noah Riseman, Shirleene Robinson, Graham Willett.MAIN
383.492 WEIMailman of the Birdsville Track / Kristin Weidenbach ; read by Peter Hosking.MAIN

400 - 499 Language

428.64 CADUncle Jack and the meerkats / Jane Cadwallader ; illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.C

500 - 599 Natural Sciences and Mathematics

595.760994 LAWAustralian beetles / editors: Adam Ślipiński, John F. Lawrence.MAIN

700 - 799 Arts, music, sports

791.43 BRAProjecting a camera / Edward Branigan.MAIN

800 - 899 Literature

809.3 LURThe death of the book / John Lurz.MAIN
820A WINT 3 BOYThe boy behind the curtain / Tim Winton..MAIN
820.94 GRIThe 26-storey treehouse / Andy Griffiths ; read by Stig Wemyss ; illustrated by Terry Denton.MAIN
820.94 GRIThe 13-storey treehouse / Andy Griffiths ; read by Stig Wemyss ; illustrated by Terry Denton.MAIN