IMPORTANT:  Virtual machines are only provided for requirements that cannot be fulfilled by Software as a Service (SaaS) options or HPC cluster infrastructure.  SaaS options outside JCU will always be considered first.  If you request a platform be configured to support your research efforts, the work will be assessed for priority against all other corporate and research projects.  It is unlikely that any non-trivial platform would be delivered within 3 months, given JCU Technology Solutions staffing levels.

JCU has a limited capability to provision virtual platforms to it's researchers.    Examples of requirements that have been provided by virtual platforms:

There are several limits placed on resources provisioned based on existing server/storage capacity:

Such provisioning will be handled as a Technology Solutions (TS) project with possible assistance from eResearch centre staff.   Requests for virtual machines will trigger a requirements gathering exercise.

In addition to JCU's acceptable usage policy, you need to be aware of the fact that JCU's Chief Digital Officer (CDO) has ultimate authority when it comes to anything IT related at/for JCU.  There are many conditions that apply to service owners.

Service Availability/Resiliency

Service Owners

Documented service owners are accountable and responsible for the VM and services running on it.  Examples of responsibilities on service owners:

Virtual machines will be decommissioned should the nominated service owner no longer be fulfilling their responsibilities.