HPRC systems vary in their hardware configuration.

There are multiple ways to increase your research computing productivity through parallelism:

  1. Run more than 1 job at a time.  This is the easiest form of parallelism.  Jobs need to be submitted to our job management system (using the qsub command).
  2. Identify/use software that has been parallelised using OpenMP or MPI libraries.  You can still run multiple parallelised jobs at one time.  This form of parallelism can significantly reduces the time it takes for a single job to run to completion.  If HPC doesn't already have the software, put in a request to have it installed.  Note that HPC do not have budget for the licensing of research software (except for MATLAB).
  3. For guru programmers only:  Parallelise the software yourself using OpenMP or MPI libraries.  Do not expect this to happen quickly - it could take years, depending on the complexity of your software.  Make sure you will be able to realise future benefits before proceeding down this path.