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High Performance (Research) Computing

Introduction to JCU HPC

Why use JCU HPC?

Obtaining a HPC account

HPC Services Availability

TS Research Services Support

Selecting a storage resource that best fits my requirements

Selecting a compute resource that best fits my requirements

Beginner's Guide to JCU HPC

Desktop Software - to access HPC resources.

HPC Storage - Appropriate use

HPC Best Practices

OneDrive on HPC

HPC File Sharing

WARNING - zip/unzip

WARNING - Backups (data protection levels)

WARNING - Using desktop/laptop computers for research

Running Workflows/Jobs on JCU HPC Resources

Environment modules cheat sheet

HPC conda3 software environments

HPC conda2 software environments (LEGACY)

Non-conda HPC Software Environment (HPC cluster)

Software availability (26-May-2021)

Appropriate locations for data

PBSPro - Job Management System

HPC PBSPro script files

Interactive jobs

General Information relating to JCU HPC Services & Resources

HPC Cluster Hardware

Virtual Machines for research

Research Storage Environment (2020-)

HPC Performance Considerations

IT Security (HPC)

Common Issues

What's happening in HPC

HPC Acronyms/Shorthand

Responsible Research Guidelines/Suggestions (IT related)

JCU eResearch Infrastructure  Q&A

Information for researchers Leaving JCU

Useful Links

JCU IT Acceptable Use Policy

JCU IT Maintenance Windows

JCU Research Data Management

Management of Research Data & Information

Australian Code for Responsible Conduct in Research

Advanced R

QCIF - Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation

NCI - National Computational Infrastructure

Pawsey Supercomputing Centre

ARDC - Australian Research Data Commons

ARC - Australian Research Council