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  • MATLAB Installation (using HPC licenses)
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IMPORTANT:   MATLAB Licenses JCU is the page you should be looking at.

JCU has perpetual licensing for MATLAB use by researchers (very limited licensing).  This document exists for legacy situations only - e.g., MATLAB 2018b (for original symbolic toolbox capabilities?) use might not be covered by the campus wide licensing agreement JCU now has.

JCU researchers (staff or students) have the right to install MATLAB on their desktop/laptop computer.  If you are not actively involved in research, then do not proceed further unless authorized to do so by HPC or eResearch staff.

Please log a request with IT HelpDesk or for the FIK(File Installation Key).

Researchers wishing to use older versions of MATLAB should contact HPC staff (Create ServiceNow request).

Note:  The installed version of MATLAB will attempt obtain a license from the HPC license server every time it starts.

Installation on Windows

The installation of a MATLAB client on a Windows 7 host may be performed by following these instructions:

  1. Click on the Start or Windows button.
  2. Enter \\\shares\RES\Software\MATLAB into the Search programs and files box, then hit your Enter key.
  3. Copy the network.lic file to a folder on your computer.
  4. Descend into the current year(eg 2019b) then windows folders.
  5. Double click the setup icon.  A popup (security warning dialog) should appear - just click on Yes button.
    1. If your Windows 7 configuration prevents you from executing the setup application, download the entire windows folder to your computer.
    2. Double click on the downloaded version of setup.  You'll most likely receive a Security Warning dialog pop up.  Just click on the Run or Yes button.
  6. A MathWorks Installer window will eventually appear.  Select the Use a File Installation Key radio button, then click on Next button.
  7. Select the Yes radio button, then click on Next button.
  8. Select the I have the File Installation Key for my license radio button.
  9. Enter the File Installation Key (FIK) you received from a JCU Technology Solutions staff member then click on Next button.
  10. Click on Next button.
  11. Click on Next button.
  12. Use the Browse button to select the network.lic file that you previously copied onto your computer, then click on Next button.
  13. You'll probably want to tick the Desktop checkbox.  Click on Next button.
  14. Click on Install button.
  15. The installation will take some some to complete. Near the completion you may receive a popup that asks for you to associate files with MATLAB. I clicked on Yes to all, but this choice is yours to make. Know that some of the extensions overlap with other applications you might use.
  16. After that you should read the post-install information. Note it down somewhere - you may need it later even if not now.
  17. Click on Next button.
  18. Click on Finish button.

These instructions should work on other versions of Windows.

Installation on OSX

The installation process described below may not be completely accurate for all versions of MATLAB.

  1. Bring up the Finder menu by clicking on a blank part of your desktop.
  2. Under the Go menu, select Connect to Server...
  3. Enter smb:// Click on Connect button.
  4. Select the Connect as: Guest radio button. Click on Connect button.
  5. Descend into the current year(eg 2019b) folder.
  6. Drag and drop the network.lic and the current matlab dmg files onto your computer.
  7. From your Mac Desktop Open the DMG file.
  8. Open the InstallForMacOSX application.
  9. Select Use a File Installation Key. Click on Next button.
  10. Select Yes. Click on Next button.
  11. Select I have the File Installation Key for my license.
  12. Enter the FIK you received from JCU TS/HPC staff (use cut and paste). Click on Next button.
  13. Click on the Next button.
  14. Click on the Next button.
  15. Use the Browse button to select the network.lic file that you previously copied onto your computer.  Click on Next button.
  16. Click on Install button.
  17. You should read the post-install information. Note it down somewhere - you may need it later even if not now.
  18. Click on Next button.
  19. Click on Finish button.
  20. Eject the network disk that was mounted for this installation.

Installation on Linux

To perform a MATLAB installation on Linux you will need X Windows capabilities.

  1. Execute the following commands: 

    mount /mnt
    cd /mnt/linux
  2. Select Install manually without using Internet.  Click on Next button.
  3. Select Yes.  Click on Next button.
  4. Select I have the File Installation Key for my license
  5. Enter the FIK you received from TS/HPC staff.  Click on Next button.
  6. Click on Next button
  7. Enter the path to your desired installation folder.  Click on Next button.
  8. Enter /mnt/network.lic  Click on Next button.
  9. Click on Install button.  A progress bar will provide a brief summary of status.
  10. You will be presented with post-install information which may be worth remembering or acting upon.
  11. Click on Next button.
  12. Click on Finish button.
  13. Execute the command: 

    umount /mnt

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