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    This example runs PAUP on the input file input.nex that resides in the current working directory. A file (here we'll name it pbsjob) is created with the contents:

    #PBS -c s
    #PBS -j oe
    #PBS -m ae
    #PBS -N jobname
    #PBS -M
    #PBS -l walltime=2000:00:00
    echo "------------------------------------------------------"
    echo " This job is allocated 1 cpu on "
    echo "------------------------------------------------------"
    echo "PBS: Submitted to $PBS_QUEUE@$PBS_O_HOST"
    echo "PBS: Working directory is $PBS_O_WORKDIR"
    echo "PBS: Job identifier is $PBS_JOBID"
    echo "PBS: Job name is $PBS_JOBNAME"
    echo "------------------------------------------------------"
    source /etc/profile.d/
    module load paup
    paup -n input.nex

    To submit the job for execution on a HPRC compute node simply enter the command:

    qsub pbsjob

    If you know this job will require more than 4GB but less than 8GB of RAM, you could use the command:

    qsub -l nodes=1:ppn=2 pbsjob

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