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Listing available software and versions

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module avail

Information about a piece of software (example)

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module help grass

Listing environment modules you have loaded.

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module list

Unloading all modules

There will be occasions where is easier to make a fresh start, in which case you simply run the command

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module purge


Loading a specific software version (example)

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module load gcc/6

Loading the default version of a piece of software (example)

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module load java

 NOTE:  The default software version will generally be the safest (e.g., version distributed by RedHat).

An example of a command to switch to another version of the same software is:

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module switch java/1.6.0-openjdk

Unloading a module (example)

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module unload java

In some cases, you may want/need to add the version.


Information specific to JCU HPC configuration