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JCU has recently purchased campus wide licensing for MATLAB.  This license gives all current JCU staff/students rights to use MATLAB and all it's toolboxes on any platform, including personal computing devices.  Details on toolboxes etc. available with this license can be found at

MATLAB 2020a and earlier versions remain tied to perpetual licenses purchased by HPC.  The JCU HPC perpetual license has the following licensing limits:

  • 50 User License (core):  MATLAB, MATLAB Coder, Simulink, Simulink Coder, Simulink Control Design
  • 50 User License (toolboxes):  Control System, Optimizatiom, Signal Processing, Symbolic Math, System Identification
  • 11 User License (toolboxes):  Statistics & Machine Learning
  • 10 User License (toolboxes):  Global Optimization, Parallel Computing
  • 5 User License (toolboxes):  Mapping, Neural Network
  • 4 User License (core):  MATLAB Compiler
  • 4 User License (toolboxes):  Fuzzy Logic, Image Processing, Wavelet
  • 2 User License (toolboxes):  Audio System, DSP System, Curve Fitting, Instrument Control, Partial Differential Equation, Simscape, Simscape Power Systems
  • 1 User License (toolboxes):  Aerospace

It is my understanding that one (1) User License equates to "one user, one computer, using no more than 2 CPU cores".

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