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  • This may not be enough time to copy all your research data to another location.
  • HPRC accounts generally outlive central computing accounts, however access to them will change.
  • Your research data does not get deleted as soon as your central computing account expires.  It may be archived though.
  • ICT/HPRC staff will only ever delete data associated with expired accounts if our storage is close to fully consumed and retention requirements are no longer application (e.g., age of data >7yrs).

If other researchers will need ongoing access to the data you created/obtained after your departure, please contact HPRC staff to arrange this.  Alternatively, create a Service-Now request to facilitate the changes required.

You can of course manually copy your data to whatever storage resources you have access to - but you should think about the following:

  • The amount of HPC disk space you are using.
  • The internet bandwidth available to you (how long the transfer will take).
  • The media you are transferring data to - speed and capacity.