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  • Obtaining a HPC account

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Any person involved in JCU research activities Researchers may request creation of a HPC account for their research activities by logging a job using access to HPC resources via Service-Now or by contacting the IT HelpDesk.


The following list contains classes of HPC resource users:

  • Academic staff
  • Postgraduate, research student
  • Any JCU person approved by a verified research supervisor/collaborator.
  • Non-JCU people working in collaboration with JCU researchers may be granted access to JCU HPC facilities.  The JCU researchers you are collaborating with will need to authorise your access. A central computing account will generally be required - contact IT HelpDesk.

Some Reasons for using HPC Resources

  • Your research data is too large to store on personal (desktop/laptop computer) storage.
  • Data protection (disk failure, silent data corruption, etc.).
  • Research collaboration.
  • Certainty that memory errors won't invalidate your results.
  • Power outages (e.g., RCD testing) are killing jobs running on your desktop/laptop computer.
  • Running jobs on your computer takes too long and/or interferes with other tasks you need to do.
  • Your computer doesn't have enough memory to meet the requirements for your computational research.
  • Increasing your computational research productivity through parallel (e.g., MPI) execution of jobs.
  • Increasing your computational research productivity by running multiple jobs at the same time.
  • Increasing your computational research productivity through use of GPUs (from June-2018).
  • Your computational research involves software that runs on Linux.
  • A senior JCU researcher will be required to approve such access.