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labelPBS Directives

The filenames, paths, email addresses, and some values below are things you will probably need to change. In some cases, values/names have been used to demonstrate possibilities that you could employ (in a slightly different way). Apart from the -l options, no option should appear on multiple lines.


Description of purpose

#PBS -c n
#PBS -c s
#PBS -c enabled

No checkpointing to be performed.
Checkpointing is to be done on a job at pbs_mom shutdown.
Checkpointing is allowed but must be explicitly invoked by a qhold or qchkpt command.

#PBS -d /fast/jc123456

Defines the working directory path to be used for the job.

#PBS -j oe
#PBS -o /tmp/output.$PBS_O_JOBID

Merge standard output and standard error streams into the named file.

#PBS -l pmem=8gb
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=2
#PBS -l walltime=24:00:00

Request that 4GB of memory be reserved for the batch job.
Request that 2 CPU cores on 1 host be reserved for the batch job.
Advise the scheduler that this job will have completed within 24 hours.

#PBS -l nodes=2 -I

Request 2 CPU cores that can be used for interactive job(s).
Note: Our 2 login nodes each provide 18 CPU cores and 64GB of memory for running interactive jobs (without qsub).

#PBS -m ae

Send mail at batch job abort/exit to the Email address provided.

#PBS -N job_name

Assign a name (job_name) to the batch job

#PBS -q normal
#PBS -q bigmem

Specify the queue into which your job will be placed.
Note: The bigmem queue targets two nodes only, expected contention for long delays before your jobs will run in this limited resource.


Export environment variables to the batch job