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Brief Explanation of PBS directive used in examples above

DirectiveDescription of impact
#PBS -j oeMerge STDOUT & STDERR streams into a single file
#PBS -m aeSend an Email upon job abort/exit.
#PBS -N ...Assign a meaningful name to the job (replace ... with 1 "word" - e.g., test_job).

#PBS -M ...

Email address that PBSPro will use to provide job information (if desired)
#PBS -l walltime=HH:MM:SSAmount of clock time that your job is likely to required.
#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=X:mem=YgbRequest 1 chunk of  "X CPU cores" & "Y GB of RAM".
The "select=1:" is not really required as it is the default.
Due to JCU cluster size, requests for more than 1 chunk should/will be rejected.

Brief Details on some extra PBS/Torque directives