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titleNon-reproducibility (examples)

For security reasons, all software installed as part of the OS must be kept up to date.

  • This has potential to impact your computational research results.
  • Most researchers would be unaware of the behind the scenes changes or what impacts they might have had.
  • It would be nigh on impossible for me to recreate the state of HPC cluster software at any nominated point in time.

Software installed using the traditional, compile from source, method comes with serious risksconsequences to reproducible research.results

  • Such installs usually result in a software environment with a potentially very large number of unknown dependencies
, again making it very difficult
  • .
  • Once again, this makes it nigh on impossible to reproduce at a later
  • date.

Operating system vendor release operating systems and software will a defined lifecycle.

This page house a "cheat sheet" style glance at some environment modules functionality.  You will need to replace any occurrence of <software-name> and/or <version> below with an appropriate name/value.