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  1. Create a "onedrive" directory somewhere within your scratch space directory.

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    mkdir -p -m 700 /scratch/jc012345/onedrive

  2. Modify your environment by loading the onedrive module. 

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    module load onedrive

  3. testAuthenticate with OneDrive:

    1. Issue the command 

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    2. You should get a response something like: 

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      [jc012345@ln01 ~]$ onedrive 
      Authorize this app visiting:
      Enter the response uri: 

    3. Copy and paste the URL into a browser (on your desktop/laptop computer) and hit the Enter or Return key to load content.  You will then need to authenticate to OneDrive - for most JCU staff/students SSO (single sign on) should take care of it for you.  Once authentication has been successful, a blank page should be returned (may change in future).  You need to copy the URI/URL that was returned and paste the contents as a response to the Enter the response uri: prompt.  You should receive a message that indicates successful authentication.
  4. Now it's time to configure your use of onedrive on HPC.  The following is very similar to a configuration that has been tested by HPC staff for use of OneDrive as an archive for files on HPC.

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    mkdir -p ~/.config/onedrive
    cat <<EOF >~/.config/onedrive
    sync_dir = "/scratch/jc012345/onedrive"
    skip_file = "~*|.~*|*.tmp"
    skip_dotfiles = "true"
    skip_symlinks = "true"
    upload_only = "true"
    no_remote_delete = "true"
    remove_source_files = "false"EOF

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