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  • Officially, JCU's OneDrive for Business platform hasn't been provisioned for housing research data, however JCU staff/students may choose to place their research data on OneDrive.
  • OneDrive software installed on HPC is NOT provided or supported by Microsoft.  Technology Solutions staff do not use routinely use OneDrive on HPC - two of us have successfully run the commands below once.
  • HPC storage does NOT exist to serve as a sync client to your OneDrive files.   The OneDrive software on HPC should only be used to upload files on HPC to OneDrive - e.g., for data protection or archiving (long-term).  In future, HPC may not provide any
  • A long-term storage options in-house - option for JCU research data is being considered.  AARNet CloudStor is the most likely platform at this time.  HPC cluster storage may be "scratch space" only (, possibly with routine deletion of "old" files may be configured).


Extensive documentation on the linux onedrive connector capabilities can be found at - the information provided below is a very brief introduction for getting started.  At the time of writing this document, HPC staff had only completed very limited testing of the Linux interface to OneDrive.  The onedrive command doesn't have the capabilities provided by Windows/MacOS OneDrive clients, but it allows you to copy files housed on HPC to OneDrive.