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You have years of research work stored on your personal/work computing device.  You arrive at work one morning, power on your computing device - nothing happens.  After engaging with IT Services & Support staff, you are informed that your disk has failed and that there is almost no chance of recovering your files.  This has happened to quite a few JCU staff and students - it could happen to you.  So, you might ask "what can I do?". 

HPRC - Protect your research data


A deadline is looming and you are almost certain that running jobs on your personal computing device(s) will not get the results out in time, without significantly affecting other things you use your device(s) for.   You have overheard conversations that other researchers are using HPC and running lots of jobs at the same time.  If only you had looked at HPRC as a viable option earlier, you wouldn't be stressing about missing the deadline that is looming over your head.

HPRC - Improve efficiency by parallelising your research computing jobs

Scenario 5

You are looking to share and collaborate in modern ways.  You have seen products that suit your needs.  Technology solutions staff often provide guidance/assistance with requirements gathering and may even be able to build platforms that fulfil the requirements, subject to availability of resources and costs.