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Using alias is equivalent to ...
module load gcc4 module load gcc/4.9.4
module load gcc5 module load gcc/5.4.0
module load gcc6 module load gcc/6.3.0
module load gcc7 module load gcc/7.1.0
module load python2 module load python/2.7.13
module load python3 module load python/3.6.1
module load java6 module load java/1.6.0-sun
module load java7 module load java/1.7.0-oracle
module load java8 module load java/1.8.0-oracle
module load openjdk6 module load java/1.6.0-openjdk
module load openjdk7 module load java/1.7.0-openjdk
module load openjdk8 module load java/1.8.0-openjdk

 Note:  It is possible to have two or more versions of the same module loaded, but this cause problems and should be avoided.  The reason for this is often that a major version change in software can result in significantly different syntax, so software developers maintain independent streams (e.g., a python v2 stream and a python v3 stream).

A Brief Introduction to using environment modules