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Example: paup witth the ML_analysis.nex sample file

In this example we will run paup with

Excerpt Include
paup witth the ML_analysis.nex sample file
provided on the paup sample nexus files page. After logging into the cluster download the example file with the command:

No Format
-bash-4.1$ wget
--2014-03-11 13:08:16--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 2990 (2.9K) [text/plain]
Saving to: “ML_analysis.nex”

100%[==============================================================>] 2,990       --.-K/s   in 0s

2014-03-11 13:08:17 (70.7 MB/s) - “ML_analysis.nex” saved [2990/2990]


Creating the job script

Using a text editor – examples include vim and nano – create your shell script with the filename: and the following contents (the colours are only used for illistration purposes below):



  1. The very first line of the script file is the Shebang line and must be on the first line.
  2. The second section contains the PBS directives. For more information on PBS directives please see the HPRC PBS script files page.

  3. The third section outputs information about the job, and is only included as an example of what can be done.
  4. The fourth section contains the commands that are actually run in the job. In this case we are using a bash shell.


Submitting the Job - qsub

The final step is to submit the job to the job scheduler:

No Format
-bash-4.1$ qsub

Monitoring the Job - qstat

Once the job has been submitted you can monitor its progress by using the qstat command.

When you first submit your job it is placed into the job queue, and its status column contains Q, meaning the job is in the queue:

No Format
-bash-4.1$ qstat
Job ID                    Name             User            Time Use S Queue
------------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
148122.jobmgr              ML_analysis      jcxxxxxxx             0 Q normal


Once your job starts running its status changes to R:

No Format
-bash-4.1$ qstat
Job ID                    Name             User            Time Use S Queue
------------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
148122.jobmgr              ML_analysis      jcxxxxx               0 R normal
titleMore qstat examples
  • You can display all of the jobs you are running:

    No Format
    -bash-4.1$ qstat -u jcxxxxx -1n
                                                                                      Req'd    Req'd       Elap
    Job ID                  Username    Queue    Jobname          SessID  NDS   TSK   Memory   Time    S   Time
    ----------------------- ----------- -------- ---------------- ------ ----- ------ ------ --------- - ---------
    148185.jobmgr.hpc.jcu.  jcxxxxx     normal   ML_analysis           0     1      1    5gb 500:00:00 R  00:00:17   n026/19
  • All of the jobs running on the cluster:

    No Format
    -bash-4.1$ qstat
    Job ID                    Name             User            Time Use S Queue
    ------------------------- ---------------- --------------- -------- - -----
    132501.jobmgr              DDWoodpca1L      jcxxxxxx        581:37:3 R normal
    132502.jobmgr              DDWoodpca0.1L    jcxxxxxx        581:11:0 R normal
    132503.jobmgr              DDWoodpca0.01L   jcxxxxxx        581:02:3 R normal
    132504.jobmgr              DDWoodpca0.001L  jcxxxxxx        581:05:1 R normal
    132560.jobmgr              IBWoodpca1L      jcxxxxxx        575:36:2 R normal
    132561.jobmgr              IBWoodpca0.1L    jcxxxxxx        550:28:1 R normal
    132562.jobmgr              IBWoodpca0.01L   jcxxxxxx        573:21:3 R normal
    132563.jobmgr              IBWoodpca0.001L  jcxxxxxx        575:25:3 R normal
    142918.jobmgr              DDpca0.001pcb1LL jcxxxxxx        275:22:4 R normal
    144744.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        3597:28: R bigmem
    144745.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        2279:22: R bigmem
    144746.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1098:06: R normal
    144747.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        928:26:1 R normal
    144748.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        942:19:5 R normal
    144753.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1434:04: R normal
    144754.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        927:20:1 R normal
    144756.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        938:07:5 R normal
    145377.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1145:52: R normal
    145379.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1286:49: R normal
    145381.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1034:06: R normal
    145382.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        740:05:5 R normal
    145384.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1285:28: R normal
    145386.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1028:30: R normal
    145387.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1070:39: R normal
    145390.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1238:34: R normal
    145391.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        2018:17: R normal
    145392.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1585:10: R normal
    145708.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1159:11: R normal
    145756.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        835:32:4 R normal
    145790.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        1083:20: R normal
    146395.jobmgr              ....001pcb2500LL jcxxxxxx        145:38:3 R normal
    146396.jobmgr              ....001pcb7500LL jcxxxxxx        145:00:3 R normal
    146397.jobmgr              ...001pcb12500LL jcxxxxxx        152:09:2 R normal
    146398.jobmgr              ....001pcb5000LL jcxxxxxx        151:49:3 R normal
    146399.jobmgr              ...001pcb15000LL jcxxxxxx        143:16:2 R normal
    146527.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        547:57:0 R normal
    147055.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        362:59:2 R normal
    147059.jobmgr              ..._567_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:57:34 R normal
    147060.jobmgr              ..._547_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:56:16 R normal
    147063.jobmgr              ..._543_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:59:03 R normal
    147065.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        297:58:1 R normal
    147070.jobmgr              ..._573_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        51:54:44 R normal
    147071.jobmgr              ..._549_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        51:45:14 R normal
    147072.jobmgr              ..._550_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:32:31 R normal
    147073.jobmgr              ..._532_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        51:36:30 R normal
    147074.jobmgr              ..._575_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        50:08:14 R normal
    147096.jobmgr              ..._582_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        51:10:26 R normal
    147097.jobmgr              ..._578_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        51:08:43 R normal
    147101.jobmgr              ..._568_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:43:19 R normal
    147106.jobmgr              ..._539_bfw0_PBS jcxxxxxx        46:40:11 R normal
    147115.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        50:46:46 R normal
    147203.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        140:35:0 R normal
    147206.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        150:53:4 R normal
    147207.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        125:10:5 R normal
    147212.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        151:57:4 R normal
    147213.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        164:20:4 R normal
    147215.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        160:11:4 R normal
    147216.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        157:02:1 R normal
    147217.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        163:39:0 R normal
    147218.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        156:11:5 R normal
    147219.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        140:37:4 R normal
    147220.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        149:46:1 R normal
    147221.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        141:12:4 R normal
    147222.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        136:42:2 R normal
    147224.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        132:20:5 R normal
    147225.jobmgr              NarrowBoxParent  jcxxxxxx        153:33:0 R normal
    147274.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        138:18:2 R normal
    147275.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        142:08:0 R normal
    147318.jobmgr              ..._bfw0_PBS_1.2 jcxxxxxx        39:59:20 R normal
    147325.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        148:00:2 R normal
    147331.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        248:00:3 R normal
    147332.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        229:03:3 R normal
    147391.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        126:32:5 R normal
    147398.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        125:48:5 R normal
    147470.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        232:50:4 R normal
    147471.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        196:34:1 R normal
    147472.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        415:56:4 R normal
    147494.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        25:36:45 R normal
    147495.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        26:03:45 R normal
    147496.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        26:04:44 R normal
    147498.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        25:59:16 R normal
    147499.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        11:43:42 R normal
    147502.jobmgr              ...fw0_PBS_CG1.3 jcxxxxxx        131:28:4 R normal
    147576.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        60:24:11 R normal
    147577.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        60:36:39 R normal
    147584.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        52:12:36 R normal
    147590.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        49:06:43 R normal
    147616.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        33:08:43 R normal
    147619.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        30:28:18 R normal
    147621.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        30:33:22 R normal
    147629.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        07:04:15 R normal
    147630.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        07:15:13 R normal
    147631.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx               0 Q normal
    147632.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx               0 Q normal
    147634.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx               0 Q normal
    147635.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx               0 Q normal
    147636.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx               0 Q normal
    147637.jobmgr     jcxxxxxx        07:02:52 R normal
    147647.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        13:28:24 R normal
    147651.jobmgr          jcxxxxxx        21:46:18 R normal
    147652.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        19:52:35 R normal
    147657.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        18:04:53 R normal
    147665.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        16:17:01 R normal
    147702.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        13:03:45 R normal
    147820.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        10:16:38 R normal
    148021.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        08:41:26 R normal
    148022.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        08:42:34 R normal
    148087.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        07:45:33 R normal
    148095.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        07:03:12 R normal
    148096.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        07:10:18 R normal
    148099.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        06:54:12 R normal
    148100.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        06:38:54 R normal
    148101.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        06:46:31 R normal
    148108.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        05:57:17 R normal
    148124.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        05:11:52 R normal
    148126.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        04:49:25 R normal
    148138.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        04:30:48 R normal
    148150.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        03:46:22 R normal
    148154.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        03:19:45 R normal
    148179.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        00:10:33 R normal
    148180.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        00:10:57 R normal
    148182.jobmgr              NarrowBox        jcxxxxxx        00:30:19 R normal


Deleting a job - qdel

If you need to your job you can use the qdel command

No Format
-bash-4.1$ qdel

Your job's Output

Different programs have different ways of outputting their data. If they output data directly to a file then your results will be in whatever file you specified. If, however, the results are printed out to the standard out (as is the case for this example) then PBS captures them into a file for you.



title-bash-4.1$ cat ML_analysis.o148122


paup witth the ML_analysis.nex sample file

Other Examples

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pageQuick Start Examples

Job Resources

It is important to match resources requested with the PBS Directives in your script and the resource usage of your job. There can be consequences for incorrectly specifiying these resource requirements