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titleTo unload all modules you previously loaded
module purge



for researchers using conda environments

Environment module files for conda environments have been removed, since discovery of a few conda environments that couldn't be reinstalled.   After you issue the command

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module load vcftools



you will be able to use the conda command to list environments available.

Notes for future

Conda environments will not be available on future HPC platforms.

There is increasing pressure to move HPC workloads into the public cloud.  Reliance on in-house HPC infrastructure will decrease with time.

It's possible that HPC will be directed to implement a NOEXEC option on all user filesystems, which would mean software you have installed yourself will not be executable.  I would hope that there is a documented security vetting process prior to such a directive being given to us.  We have had a request for implementation of such an option in the past but chose not to take any action (there was no directive).