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At this stage, it looks like download capabilities are tied to a full sync'ing everything from OneDrivePlease be aware that files Files you have uploaded to OneDrive from another personal/work computing device may not be permitted on  HPC (research files only).  Therefore, you should not be sync'ing (on HPC .  If a file servers) data with OneDrive.  Point in time downloads from OneDrive to HPC can be done, providing you delete all content that isn't directly related to your research activities, it must not be placed on HPC infrastructure.  The most likely command you will use is:

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onedrive --synchronize --download-only

Access to Teams/Sharepoint Libraries

The linux onedrive client installed on HPC systems is capable of working with Teams/Sharepoint libraries.  This feature should only be used if the Team you are connecting to is housing research data only.  Such synchronization should only be synced to group shares (not home directories) on HPC.  You can list drive IDs of a sharepoint library using:

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onedrive --get-O365-drive-id '<insert team/library name here>'

More documentation will be added when requirements for this functionality come in.

However, due to JCU's O365 storage limit, files on HPC should not be sync'ed with Teams/Sharepoint document libraries.  Such libraries can be synced to other computing devices (e.g., your desktop computer).

HPC filesystems

The future architecture of the JCU HPC cluster is under review - based on a government & university drive to utilize 'cloud' infrastructure where practical & sustainable.  Technology solutions (including HPC) staff are investigation options for a future HPC cluster where >=95% of storage is likely to be scratch space, with routine deletion of old files.  The 

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no_remote_delete = "true"

configuration entry (in ~/.config/onedrive/config) will be essential if this future state becomes reality.