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WinSCP can be downloaded from, although it might already be installed on your PC.

NOTE: if you are having issues with permissions, please see information at Permission should be set to


First Time Usage (on your current Windows computer)

After starting WinSCP, you will be presented with a screen similar to (I've highlighted 3 fields that you will need to fill out):

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to replace "Your JCU username" shown in the screenshot above with your central computer username (usually starts with jc).

I recommend hitting the Save button before Login - this will make subsequence connections easier.

Click the OK button to return to the previous window.  If you wish to login now, follow the instructions below.

Every Day Usage (Windows only)

After opening WinSCP, double click on the site that you saved (e.g., HPC).  

At this point, you will may see a popup like (this may occur after server changes):

Fingerprints (MD5) for the HPC login services are:


Key Type

MD5 fingerprints

SHA256 fingerprints










Click on the Yes button if there is a fingerprint match.

If you see the rsa2 fingerprint shown above (for, you can safely click on the Yes button.

At this point, assuming you didn't select Save password, you will be prompted for your password:

After clicking on the OK button, by default, WinSCP opens a Windows explorer interface to your HPC home directory.  You can work on documents within this window, although you may need to open them using right click followed by selecting Open. 

Note:  It is always safe practice to close connections that aren't being used (e.g., when you leave work).

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