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Known Problem(s)

Start Date/TimeProblem DescriptionCauseService Impact
Mid-Dec 2019IO errors on files under /gpfs01

AFM comms. with QCIF

Files only housed at QCIF(Bne) will not be available.

The "IO errors on files under /gpfs01" is something that we should expect to happen from time to time (e.g., when there a problems with our AARNet connectivity).

Upcoming Changes & Project Work

This page lists current and future system/environment changes that may impact on JCU researchers.  Details may be found elsewhere on this site.

20213 months?Authorisation configuation (procedure created to have zero/minimal users impact).
20211 month?Future vGPU/vQuadro capabilities for researchers
20213 months?Proof of concept testing: HPC home directories in AARNet Cloudstor?
20211 month?Migration of QCIF/ARDC allocations to v2 storage at QCIF(Bne).
20211 month?Replace or extend maintenance on current HPC (DELL) storage.
202112 months?Decommission all RHEL6 virtual machines (migrate existing services?)
2021TBANot approved yet:  Small space for backup level protection of critical research data.
2021TBANot approved yet:  Formalisation of research data archiving processes (PoC completed). 
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