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HPC Staff (Out of Office)

NameReasonStart DateEnd Date
Wayne MallettCOVID-1931-Marunknown
Wayne SpagnolCOVID-1931-Marunknown

Known Problem(s)

Start Date/TimeProblem DescriptionCauseService Impact
Mid-Dec 2019IO errors on files under /gpfs01

AFM comms. with QCIF

Usually only impacting a few allocations.

Note Ingest of data from RDSI storage purchased in 2013/2014 is still in progress.  The load associated with the ingest could be considered the root cause of the problems with medici(AFM).  Content (number of files and file names) have also been identified as causing issues.  AFM = Active File Management.

Active/Future Changes

This page lists current and future system/environment changes that may impact on JCU researchers.  Details may be found elsewhere on this site.

2019Dec-2019Decommissioning of all RDSI infrastructure (loss of 2PB of storage).

Archiving of old files to AWS (Australia).

Deletion of expired accounts - after archiving.

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