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Please be aware that research data stored on JCU HPC is not backed up in the conventional sense.

We have a disaster recovery system in place that is based on file replication which is designed to protect against media failure, and larger catastrophes.  However, these are not suitable for doing "point" restoration of files or directories that you might have accidentally deleted or overwritten. We do not offer a file recovery service for retrieving lost files.

Due to the number of files being replicated (over 500 million), the replication process takes days to complete.  Should a catastrophe occur, recent creations/modifications may be lost - we can provide no guarantee on how much data will/won't be lost in such situations.

Researchers wanting backup/CVS style data protection may want to look into:

  2. - you will need to cover the costs.
  3. OneDrive (JCU Office365 subscription) - suitable for users consuming less than 5TB of disk space.
  4. - potentially cheap option for "personal" backups.
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