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  • Obtaining a HPC account
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All people associated with JCU research activities may request access to HPC resources using information provided on the IT HelpDesk page.

Examples of people where HPC access is 'quickly' approved 

  • Academic staff
  • Postgraduate, research student

Verification is performed against information in HR and/or Student Management systems.  There are occasions where these systems do not identify a person as potentially being involved in research.

Examples of people where HPC access is subject to manual approval

  • JCU students/staff verified, by a research supervisor, as being involved in a JCU research activity.
  • Non-JCU people working in collaboration with JCU researchers.  A senior JCU researcher will be required to approve such access - charges may be incurred.

Access to HPC resources will not be given until verification is received (by Email or as part of a Service-Now job).

Examples of people who aren't provisioned access to HPC resources 

  • Undergraduate students - only involved in normal teaching activities.
  • Masters by coursework students - no research thesis involved.
  • General (non-academic) staff - not involved in JCU research.

HPC resources/services are not designed for time-critical workloads and hence are not suitable for use in normal teaching activities (e.g., exams or assignments).  There have been occasions where jobs may sit in a queue for several weeks before being run - when all available resources are already committed to existing workflows.

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