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JCUs Estate Directorate frequently does RCD testing (legislative requirement) that means your desktop/laptop computer may lose power and/or networking.  JCU campus networking switches require power to function.  Such interruptions can kill interactive jobs that you may be running locally or remotely on a JCU central computing resource.  HPRC resources can be used to minimize impact of such outages, by keeping network dependencies inside our data-centre, where all devices have dual connectivity to power - RCD and similar testing will only ever be done on one "side" of our power infrastructure at a time.  Examples of how to achieve this goal:


  1. Setup PBS job submission scripts so that your HPRC jobs will only depend on infrastructure in our data-centre.
  2. Use remote desktop software like VNC to allow you to reconnect to your terminal session(s).
  3. Use the screen command to allow you to reconnect to your terminal session(s).


  1. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop software to connect to a Windows 2012 terminal server that HPRC has.
  2. Request a Windows VM be created for your research group.  Use Microsoft Remote Desktop software to connect to the resource that has been provided.



There may be times where power inside our data-centre will be unavailable.  Mostly these are related to emergencies of some sort.

HPRC has a finite amount of compute and memory resources.  In terms of physical servers, no general access physical server has more than 256GB of memory.  Limits are placed on the sizing of VMs due to the limited amount of resource we have in that area.

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