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Welcome to the home page of JCU High Performance & Research Computing (HPRC, formerly HPC).

Known Outages (HPC only)

Important Changes (HPC only)

Proposed Tasks Board (HPC only)

Research Storage Environment 2019 and onwards

Selecting a storage resource that best fits my requirements

Selecting a compute resource that best fits my requirements

High Performance & Research Computing

Access to MATLAB licenses (running MATLAB on your computer) does not require a HPC account.

Obtaining a HPC account

Accessing HPRC Storage from your personal computing device(s).

Information for researchers Leaving JCU

Links For New Users

HPRC Software Environment (RHEL 7 Linux Cluster)

HPRC Software Environment (Windows Server)

HPRC New Users

HPRC Desktop Software

HPRC Best Practices

HPRC - Environment Modules

PBSPro - Job Management System

HPRC PBSPro script files

Some reasons for using HPRC resources?

WARNING - Backups

WARNING - Using desktop/laptop computers for research (you should understand the risks)

HPRC Resources - Use Cases

I want a place to archive, protect, or work on all my research data

I want a resource where I can run my software with as little interruption as possible (a virtual desktop like resource)

I want to increase my computational research productivity (parallelising my computations)

I've decided to use the HPRC cluster, what software is available?

More Detailed Information

HPRC Storage Explained

Fingerprints of HPC systems' SSH keys

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