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Using HPRC services can be visualized (user perspective) as:


Blue lines are used for storage access via NFS (2x25Gb/s or 10Gb/s).  Green lines are used for storage access via GPFS (2x25Gb/s).

HPRC provide no guarantees on performance of storage to an individual researcher.


All research file shares (using SMB protocol) are scheduled to be decommissioned in 2020.

Licenses for MountainDuck have been (or will be) purchased as an alternative, more secure, way to get the same functionality on a desktop/laptop computer.

 WinSCP, CyberDuck, FileZilla, sftp, & scp

The SSH protocol can be used to transfer files to and from HPRC storage.  Five (5) examples of software/commands that can be used are the title for this section.

WinSCP will provide the best user experience on a Windows PC.  MountainDuck is the only option that I know of for a good user experience on a Mac.

HPRC provide no guarantees on performance of storage to an individual researcher.  There is a shared 10Gb/s connection on systems behind

 File Permissions

By default, HPRC accounts are created so that only the owner can read and/or write (inc. modify) files.  Owners may relax these permissions - an action that could require HPC staff actions.

Before making such changes, be aware of the following :

  1. All HPC users are members of the hpc-users group.  For most people, this is their primary group.
  2. Groups can be created for your internal data sharing requirements.  You can request to have your primary group changed, but each account only has 1 primary group.
  3. Giving other people read access to your files means that they can copy your files elsewhere.
  4. Giving other people write access to your files mean that they can create/delete/modify files in your directory/directories.
  5. HPC houses too much data to back it up - we cannot revert/roll-back to a previous version of your file(s).

In summary, think very carefully before giving others write access to your HPC home directory.

Information about HPRC Desktop Software is available to assist with establishing the connection(s) you may require.

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