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IMPORTANT:  As python 2 hit end of life on 1-Jan-2020, all related related software will soon be removed from HPC (IT risk/security reasons).

To obtain an up-to-date list of conda environments available, use:

module load anaconda2
conda-env list

On 1-Mar-2021, the only conda2 environments available were:  dadi , metawrap-mg , phyluce 

Generally speaking, HPC staff are not familiar with using software installed on the HPC cluster.  However, we may be able to provide general assistance with running software when requested.  

Example (phyluce): 

If a user of this software would like to provide something to replace "<INSERT PHYLUCE COMMAND(S) HERE>" below, please contact HPC staff.

module load anaconda2
source $CONDA_PROF/
conda activate phyluce
conda deactivate
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