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JCU HPC storage may only be used to house 1 copy of files directly associated with your research efforts at JCU.

The examples below do not cover all situations that might occur.  If in doubt, discuss with HPC/eResearch staff at JCU.

Examples of Content Acceptable for storing on HPC resources

  • Photos and Videos relevant to your research activities (1 copy of each file only)
  • Any file(s) associated with published research (1 copy of each file only)
  • Other files directly associated with your research activities (1 copy of each file only).
  • Any research file(s) currently stored on a device that doesn't meet with government guidelines, such as "responsible research".  Once again, 1 copy of each file only.

Examples of Content that is not to be stored  on HPC resources.

  • Files solely associated with teaching activities.
  • Files associated with corporate processes (e.g. finance/HR documents)
  • Backup of personal computing devices, cloud systems/storage, USB disks, etc.
  • Multiple formats of the same video file, unless your research is developing new codecs or similar.
  • A second copy of file(s) held elsewhere on HPC/JCU Infastructure.
  • Copyrighted content, such as commercially available videos and/or music.

Alternative Options

There are many alternative locations for files that shouldn't be placed on JCU/HPC storage.  JCU HPC and eResearch staff will be available to discuss and recommend options based on your requirements.

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