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FileZilla is a free FTP solution that can be downloaded from

IMPORTANT:  If you are installing FileZilla, be aware that you need to uncheck a few additional, non-related installations.

NOTE: if you are having issues with permissions, please see information at Permission should be set to


Configuring and Using FileZilla

After starting FileZilla, click on the Site Manager button.

The first thing to do is click on the New Site button and replace New site with HPC (or a name of your choosing).  The image below highlights fields in the General tab that you will need to make entries in.

The Logon Type I selected for the image above is a recommendation - you may choose another option.  Your JCU userid will probably start with jc and be followed by 6 digits.

Click on the Connect button.  If you have used the Ask for password logon type, you will receive a popup in which you will need to enter your JCU password.

Click on the OK button.

On your first connection, you should see the following popup.

Fingerprints (MD5) for the HPC login services are:


Key Type

MD5 fingerprints

SHA256 fingerprints










Click on the Yes button if there is a fingerprint match.

Check that the fingerprints you receive match the ones shown in the image above before checking the Always trust... checkbox and clicking the OK button.

At this point your FileZilla window will change, with the Remote site section having content now.  If this is your first use of HPC resources, you'll see the path to your HPC home directory displayed beside Remote site.

The Local site section shows files/directories on your PC while the Remote site section shows files/directories within your HPC home directory.

There is Settings section that can be used to customize your experience.

Note:  Some people may find the Quickconnect method easier or more convenient - filling out the HostUsernamePassword, and Port text boxes at the top of the main Filezilla windows then clicking on Quickconnect.

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