HPC staff may not have access to Apple hardware (MacOS) beyond March-2021.  Should this change eventuate, we will not be maintaining documentation or support for Apple/MacOS users.  TS Desktop support staff may be able to provide assistance to researchers using Apple computing devices to access HPC systems/services.


Access to MATLAB licenses (running MATLAB on your device) does not require a HPC account.


MATLAB Installation (using HPC licenses) - legacy

Tools for remote access to HPC Storage

WinSCP (Windows only)

CyberDuck (MacOS & Windows)

MountainDuck (Windows & MacOS)

Tools for SSH access to HPC Linux Systems

Connect to a HPC Cluster Login Node via command line

Connect to a HPC Cluster Login Node via PuTTY (Windows only)

Enabling graphics orientated work on HPC via Xming (Windows only)

Connect to a HPC Cluster Login Node via XQuartz (MacOS only)

Optional:  (1) Generate SSH Public/Private Key Pair & (2) SSH Agent

Remote Desktop Connections to HPC Systems

If you need to do work interactively, one method is to use "Remote Desktop".

Connecting to a HPC Cluster Login Node via Microsoft Remote Software (Window & MacOS).

Connecting to a HPC Windows system via Remote Desktop Software (Windows & MacOS)

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