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  • Connecting to a HPC Cluster Login Node via Microsoft Remote Software
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NOTE: will place your connection on one of two systems - or  Most people will probably prefer to replace all occurrences of zodiac with either ln01 or ln02 below.

This is a method that HPC staff use to access HPC/eResearch systems.

  1. Execute the following commands on a HPC login node.

    echo "xfce4-session" >~/.Xclients
    echo "xfce4-session" >~/.xsession
    chmod 700 ~/.Xclients ~/.xsession
  2. Install "Microsoft Remote Desktop" software on your personal computing device, your Desktop Support can help with this if required.
    OSX - can be installed from App Store.
    Microsoft - please download and use the version found in the Microsoft Store, note you do not need a microsoft account.
  3. Start "Microsoft Remote Desktop" or "Remote Desktop Connection" software on your personal computing device.
  4. For OSX Add an entry to your "Microsoft Remote Desktop" control window (see image below).
  5. The following two images represent a tested, by HPC staff, configuration
  6. Click on the Add button.
  7. To connect to a HPC login node, simply double click on the "Saved Desktop" that you just created. Note: Use your JCU username and password.

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