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JCU researchers are entitled to shared usage of  ICT maintained licensing for MATLAB.  The MATLAB licensing details for JCU, as at 30-April-2018, are:

CategoryMATLAB Product FamilySIMULINK Product FamilyMATLAB & Simulink Product Families

MATLAB (50)Simulink (50)
Application DeploymentMATLAB Compiler (4)

Code GenerationMATLAB Coder (50)Simulink Coder (50)
Control Systems

Aerospace Toolbox (1)

Control System Toolbox (50)

Fuzzy Logic Toolbox (4)

System Identification Toolbox (50)

Simulink Control Design (50)
Image Processing

Image Processing Toolbox (4)

Mapping Toolbox (5)

Math, Statistics, & Optimization

Curve Fitting Toolbox (2)

Global Optimization Toolbox (10)

Neural Network Toolbox (5)

Optimization Toolbox (50)

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox (2)

Statistics & Machine Learning Toolbox (11)

Symbolic Math Toolbox (50)

Parallel ComputingParallel Computing Toolbox (10)

Physical Modelling

Simscape (2)

Simscape Power Systems (2)

Signal Processing

Signal Processing Toolbox (50)

Wavelet Toolbox (4)

Audio System Toolbox (2)

DSP System Toolbox (2)

Test & MeasurementInstrument Control Toolbox (2)

Note:  Values in brackets in the above table indicate the number of licenses available for use.

For information on the installation of MATLAB onto your desktop/laptop computer see: HPRC Desktop Software.

Addition of Licenses/Toolboxes

The following points are relevant to all license/toolbox purchases.

  • ICT will fund most, reasonable additional toolbox license requests.
  • For high cost requests, researchers may be required to fund the initial purchase/upgrade cost.
  • ICT currently cover ongoing maintenance costs, which quickly exceed the initial purchase/upgrade cost.
  • All licenses purchased are available for general access.  There is no way for ICT staff to dedicate a toolbox to a user or group of users.
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