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Unplanned Outage: Power - Cairns Campus

Who is Affected: All JCU staff and students – Cairns Campus
Service Affected:  Power Outage – affecting all buildings not on generator power
When: 28th January 2016 – 9:35am  (AEST)
ETA: Services Restored 28th January 2016 – 11:00am  (AEST)

Description: A power outage affected the entire Cairns campus from 9:35am until 11am on the 28th January 2016. Most building’s network services were restored when the power returned, except for those where circuit breakers had been tripped during the outage, this included:

·         the Ground and First floors of CA4,

·         the entire CA26 building,

·         the entire CA11 building and

·         the Ground floor Office areas of CD3.

Services to these buildings were restored by 11:30am 28th January 2016.

What do I need to do?  Please contact the IT Help Desk if you are still experiencing issues and require further assistance.


Ref: TBA