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Unplanned Outage: Incoming calls to JCU Cairns Campus phone numbers

Who is Affected: All JCU staff, students, anyone trying to contact Cairns campus via phone
Service Affected:  Incoming calls to JCU Cairns Campus phone numbers
When: 7th January 2016 – 8:15am AEST

Description: The fibre optic connection delivering phone services to the Cairns Campus is currently down, this is stopping any incoming calls from outside users getting through to JCU Cairns campus phones.  A work around has been put in place to allow outgoing calls to be re-routed via Townsville switch.  ICT have reported the problem to the vendors and we are waiting further information.

What do I need to do? Please make outgoing calls to anyone that you think maybe trying to call you and monitor 
Central Computing Bulletins for further updates.



Ref: INC0034990