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Unplanned Outage: Phones, Network and Email

Who is Affected: All JCU staff and students
Service Affected:  Phones, Network and Email
When: 3rd January 2016 – 10:00am AEST

Description: At 10am Sunday 3rd January, we experienced an ICT equipment failure, resulting in campus phones, network and email working intermittently or not at all.  ICT staff have been working since the failure to resolve the issue and bring services back online.  There may be intermittent issues for the next couple of hours, until all networking equipment has been brought back online and tested.


What do I need to do? Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further updates, the next update will be issued at 12:00pm 4th January 2016.  ICT apologises for any inconvenience and we are doing our best to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. 


Ref: TBA