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Unplanned Outage - HPC Fileshares

Who is Affected: All JCU staff using HPC files
Service Affected:  HPC fileshares, HPC cluster
When: 2nd November 2015 – 8:25am AEST
ETA: 2nd November 2015 – 8:48am AEST

Description: The ICT outage on Sunday, led to a disruption of service for any JCU Researchers accessing HPC files.  JCU staff have restored access to HPC systems within 20 minutes,  though some client computers (HPC compute nodes or desktop systems) may still not be functioning as normal.

What do I need to do? Use the HPC system as you did prior to the problem.  If you will be submitting hundreds or thousands of jobs in quick succession try to place 5 -10 seconds  between submissions. 
Please contact the IT Help Desk if you are still experiencing issues and require further assistance.



Ref: PRB0000334