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Update - Network Services Outage Douglas Campus

Who is Affected: All JCU staff and students – Douglas Campus, Townsville
Service Affected:  All network services
When: 14th October 2015 – 10:33am AEST

Description: At 10:33am (AEST) today, an issue occurred on Douglas campus causing unplanned outages and disruptions to all network services.  ICT Networking staff advise that all videoconferencing and printing services have now been restored.  Staff are working to bring individual buildings back online. 

Buildings in which network services have been restored:    

·         Computer Centre Building 2

·         AudioVisual building 9

·         Library building 18

·         Nursing building 25

·         Padua building 40

·         QTHA building 47

·         Education Central building 134

·         ATSIP building 145

The following buildings are still affected by the network outage:

·         Central Lecture Theatre Building 5

·         Molecular Sciences building 21

·         1st Floor of Marine and Tropical Biology 2 Building 28



What do I need to do? Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further updates.  ICT apologises for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Ref: PRB0000319