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Update - Incoming calls from some Telstra mobile phones have no sound

Who is Affected: Any JCU Avaya Phone User
Service Affected:  Incoming Calls from some Telstra Mobile phones
When: 15th Sept 2015 – 10:00am AEST

Description: Problems have been reported with some incoming calls from Telstra mobiles phones, to Avaya phone users within JCU.  The problem presents itself as a call that has no speech or a call that sounds like it has cut off. The mobile phone making the call also experiences the call to be answered but no speech and thinks the call has been cut off.  As of Wednesday 16th Sept, 2015  our vendors have advised that other business are also experiencing this problem, which appears to be a network issue affecting parts of the Telstra Mobile network only.

What do I need to do?  If you receive a call  that has no speech when answered, take note of the callers number and call them back.  Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further updates when available. 

Ref: INC0031666