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Hoax Email Alert - Notification

Who is affected: All JCU staff and students
Date Reported: 30th July 2015

Description: JCU advises the below message has been identified as a Spam/Hoax email that includes a compromised attachment. This email has not been sent from or endorsed by JCU.

What do I need to do? If you have received this email please delete immediately. Do not click on the attachment. If you have received one of these emails and either clicked on the links contained within it, opened the attachment or replied to the message then please contact the IT Help Desk.

Sample Email Follows:

Message Subject:
From Address(s): Westpac Bank

Message Body:

Please confirm your email address With Westpac Online.

Your next step is to confirm your email address

"Confirm my email"

Thank you for choosing Westpac Bank.