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Unplanned Outage - eLibrary Access outside Australia or Singapore

Who is Affected: All  JCU staff and students (located outside Australia or Singapore)
Service Affected:  eLibrary: Online Journals & Subscriptions
When: 3rd July 2015 – 2:00pm AEST

Description: Users attempting to access eLibrary outside of Australia or Singapore will receive errors when connecting to https://login.elibrary.jcu.edu.au/login.

What do I need to do?  For users located outside Australia and Singapore, VPN access to JCU is required to access the eLibrary:
- Windows (http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/libcomp/library/offcampus/JCUPRD_051292) and
- OSX (http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/libcomp/library/offcampus/JCUPRD_051293)
Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further updates and contact the IT Help Desk if you are still experiencing issues as a result of this outage and require further assistance.

Ref: PRB0000281