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Short Notice - Spendvision / Fraedom Errors using Mozilla Firefox

Who is Affected: JCU staff using Spendvision / Fraedom who upgrade to Mozilla Firefox version 39
Service Affected:  Spendvision / Fraedom

When: 1st July 2015

Description:  Incompatibility between Spendvision / Fraedom and the security protocol used in Mozilla Firefox version 39, being released 1st July 2015,  may result in unexpected errors including:

·         Blank page or error message after log in

·         Broken security icon in the address bar

The vendor is working to rectify the issue and a further bulletin will be released when the issue has been resolved.


What do I need to do?  Spendvision / Fraedom users should log in using either Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac) until further notice.  Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for updates. 

Ref: INC0028851