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Unplanned Outage - Network unavailable to JCU Singapore Campus

Who is Affected: Anyone trying to interact with JCU Singapore Campus (online).
Service Affected:  Any service that depends on the internet link between JCU Australia and JCU Singapore.  For example, video conferencing.
When: 10th December 2014 – 12:55pm AEST
ETA: Unknown

Description: AARNet (JCU’s ISP) have advised JCU ICT that both network links between JCU Australia and JCU Singapore are now non-functional.  The link via Perth was cut several days ago while the link via Sydney went down at about 12:55pm today.

What do I need to do? Neither problem can be resolved by JCU ICT staff, however ICT staff will implement a (low bandwidth) workaround by 10th December 2014 – 5pm AEST if neither link has been fixed before that time. Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further information as it becomes available.

Ref: PRB0000224