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Notice - Major ICT Maintenance Window - 5th December - 7th December

Who is Affected: All JCU Staff and Students
Service Affected:  See below
When: 5th December 2014 – 7pm AEST
ETA: 7th December 2014 – 11pm AEST

Description: This is a reminder that there will be a Major ICT Maintenance Window occurring next weekend from 7pm Friday the 5th December to 11pm Sunday the 7th December.

Notable systems that will be offline for the entire time:

·         Finance System

·         HR System

·         Student Management System

·         Password Change System

Notable systems that will suffer short intermittent interruptions to services occurring throughout the weekend:

·         Internet and intra-campus access

·         Eduroam wireless access

Regular ICT Maintenance Windows are important to ensure that software and infrastructure is properly patched and changes to provide better services can be implemented on a timely basis.

These major ICT maintenance windows should be taken into account when planning any University event that requires any computing or communications services, including video conferencing and Library and laboratory general access and teaching computers.

The dates are advised and communicated and published in advance in the University's Year Planners and ICT Maintenance Windows.