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Unplanned Outage - Network unavailable in Building 55 (Townsville)

Who is Affected: Users in Building 55 – Townsville Campus
Service Affected:  Any network connected services including but not limited to; Internet, Phones, File Shares, Printers
When: Reported Approximately 17th November 2014 – 9:00am AEST
ETA: Unknown

Description: There is currently an unplanned outage to network services for Building 55 (Townsville). There appears to be no power running to the network equipment that services that Building. ICT staff are liaising with Estate Office to have the matter resolved urgently.

What do I need to do? For important or urgent phone calls (In the case of an Emergency) please use a mobile phone otherwise there are currently no workarounds available until the services are restored. Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further information as it becomes available.

Ref: PRB0000216