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Short Notice - FinanceOne Unavailable

Who is Affected: All JCU FinanceOne users and students making CopyPrint Payments
Service Affected:  FinanceOne and CopyPrint payment processing
When: 29th October 2014 – 3:30pm AEST
ETA: Services expected to be restored by 30th October 9:00am AEST

Description:  FinanceOne is scheduled for maintenance from 3:30 PM 29th October to 9am 30th October 2014.  FinanceOne and CopyPrint payment processing will be unavailable during this time.

What do I need to do?   All FinanceOne users please ensure that the following processes have been completed by 3.30pm on Wednesday 29th of October 2014:
- As many batches as possible posted – including Petty Cash, Internal Charges, Debtors Invoicing, etc.
- As many  Purchase Requisitions as possible to be released
- As many Purchasing Orders as possible need to be finalised – (not imperative)
- Finalise all payment runs
- Complete and Finalise all Bank Reconciliations
- Complete and finalise BAS
- All Assets and Depreciation Worksheets finalised and posted
All Student Receipting areas including the Library will operate as usual but processing of CopyPrint payments will be delayed until after the outage.  If you have any questions in regards to the outage please contact financialsystems@jcu.edu.au.  Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for any further updates.

Ref: CHG0001479