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Planned Change - Cairns Campus to relinquish old 40421XXX telephone numbers

Who is Affected: All JCU Cairns staff and anyone using old phone numbers
Service Affected:  Cairns 40421XXX  Phone Numbers
When: 31st October 2014  AEST

Description: The old telephone numbers for Cairns campus are about to get turned off in late October 2014.

The phone number range (07) 40421000 to 40421999 which serviced Cairns campus phone system and fax services have been migrated to new numbers and will be relinquished and handed back to Telstra in late October 2014.

The new phone number range (07) 42321000 to 42322999 have been in place and working for over two years and all JCU communication and printed materials should only be displaying the new phone numbers.

As part of these changes all Cairns Fax numbers have also changed and there are now only 5 fax lines on Cairns campus, most groups have chosen to do away with a fax service so please check the online Fax Directory or contact your administrator to find whether there is a fax service and what that number and location may be.

What do I need to do?  Before the October 31st cut-off date, you will need to update all contact numbers & remove or update fax numbers on: web sites, letter heads, business cards, contact lists, mobile phone contact lists, Email signatures,  etc.

Ref: REQ0018061