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Short Notice Outage - Shutdown of Air-conditioning to Computer Centre Building 2, Townsville

Who is Affected: All JCU staff and students in Computer Centre - Building T002, Townsville
Service Affected:  Chilled Water Air-conditioning
When: 26th September 2014 – 6:00pm AEST
ETA: Service expected to be restored by Sunday 28th September 2014 - 6:00pm AEST

Description: As per advice from Estate (Jacinta Lymburner), due to work carried out for the construction of Mount Stuart Street, the chilled water cooling system to the Computer Centre (Building 2 Douglas Campus) will be offline for a period of 48 hours.  This will result in reduced cooling capacity to Computer Centre Building 2, including all GATCF labs on the first floor.  The Computer Centre Building 2 GATCF labs will be shutdown and locked during the outage. Alternate computer labs will be available in the Eddie Koiko Mabo Library Building 18, during his period.

What do I need to do?  Please monitor Central Computing Bulletins for further updates.

Ref: CHG0001427